Hunt For The Wilderpeople

Dydd Mercher, 15 Mawrth 2017, 2:00 yh & 7:30 yh

2016, , 101 munud, (12A)
Cyfarwyddwr – Taika Waititi

Gorchymynwyd chwiliad cendelaethol ar ôl i blentyn gwrthryfelgar ac ei ewythr fynd ar goll yn y dryswig anwar Seland Newydd. Comedi rhyfedd gyda Sam Neill.


IMDb – Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Rotten Tomatoes – Hunt for the Wilderpeople
Official Website – Hunt for the Wilderpeople



  • Enjoyed the film so much. Would watch it all again
  • Such a lovely poignant film
  • Best film in a long while
  • Majestical
  • Great acting by both
  • Nice to see a comedy for a change
  • Most enjoyable. Great characters
  • Very funny and also quite moving. Good acting and a very enjoyable story. A little too long but excellent
  • Loved it. the character of Sam Neill, the young lad and physco Sam. Second time to see it and highly recommend
  • Great film. Loved it when the ranger woke up when they thought he was dead
  • Beautiful wild location. Lovely story
  • Great start, very funny but rushed middle to end. Fan soundtrack! Good to see a comedy
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