Lady Macbeth

Dydd Mawrth, 17 Hydref 2017, 2:00 yh & 7:30 yh

2016, UK, 89 munud, (15)
Cyfarwyddwr – William Oldroyd

Trasiedi gwefreiddiol yn yr hwn mae merch ifanc herfeiddiol yn brwydrau yn erbyn normau cymdeithasol llethol yr 19eg ganrif. Yn garcharwraig mewn priodas ddigariaid i ddyn llawer hŷn ac wedi’i gorfodi gan deulu croengaled ei gŵr sadistaidd, mae’r briodferch ifanc yn cychwyn ar berthynas angerddol.


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Mixed responses to Lady Macbeth

Excellent 7
Very good 7
Good     7
Average 3

Giving an overall rating of 68.75%

Comments as follows

  • Was she a sociopath or deranged by her infatuation – wanted to know more of her back story
  • Too depressing to be enjoyable I’m afraid
  • Troubling picture about how twisted and out of shape humanity can get!  Think Ponty film club is amazing
  • Beats Miss Marple
  • Highly interesting – the narrative, characters, scenery, filming.  Literally incredible yet it did not matter
  • Beautiful atmospheric cinematography
  • What fabulous clothes
  • Austere, intense, harsh.  Very gripping, although the characters were unsympathetic.  Quite an experience
  • Cold, unsympathetic characters – oh the travails of the idle rich
  • The devil makes work for idle hands.  What a wicket woman
  • Great performance by Florence Pugh.  Another great film
  • Well, silences, characters I did not like.  But quite enjoyed the film
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