Sweet Bean (An)

Dydd Mawrth, 19 Rhagfyr 2017, 2:00 yh & 7:30 yh

2015, Siapan | Ffrainc | Yr Almaen, 113 munud, (PG)
Cyfarwyddwr – Naomi Kawase

Mae hi’n fain ar Sentaro, gwerthwr bwyd y stryd, ac mae gyda amharodrwydd ei fod yn cytuno i gyflogi Tokue, dynes oedrannus od ond cydymdeimladol sy’n chwilio am waith. Nid yw’n hir cyn iddi’n profi i fod yn hynod o fedrus wrth neud an – yr past melys ffa coch a ddefnyddir i wneud crempogau dorayaki Sentaro – ac mae perthynas yn cychwyn sy’n golygu llawer mwy na dim ond bwyd.


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A huge turn out for members for our last film of the season (39 out of 91 members)– the only film which had higher attendance this year was Manchester by the Sea.

Votes as follows:

14 Excellent
18 very good
7 good
1 average

Which gives an overall rating of 78.12%


  • Peter Bradshaw may have thought the film sentimental and slightly preposterous but I rather liked it
  • Gentle and touching insight into Japanese culture but just a bit too slow
  • Evocative, sensitive, and delicate.   Like cherry blossom and bean paste I guess.   Not sentimental but sad
  • Beautiful, still and poignant.  Very moving description of loneliness and people overcoming damaged lives
  • A lovely film on so many levels, culture and the role of people of all ages.  Great
  • An emotional spiritual film about life.  Slow but I enjoyed,  guess you have to be in a melancholy mood to watch.  Well acted, real tears, a very reflective film.
  • Touching, charming film
  • I was a bit sceptical at first but the film became compelling and I enjoyed it
  • Moving story  very strong message about the influence of rumours
  • I was quite surprised by this – not what I was expecting from the trailer
  • They all had their problems but blossomed together
  • A sweet tale – great that the main character was an elderly, disabled, marginalised woman who was the source of the sweetness
  • Beautiful – the perfect antidote to Hollywood
  • Very touching, lovely film but sad
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