You Were Never Really Here

Dydd Mercher, 20 Mehefin 2018, 2:00 yh & 7:30 yh

2017, DU/UDA, 89 munud, (15)
Cyfarwyddwr – Lynne Ramsey

Mae Joaquin Phoenix yn chwarae rhan cyn-filwyr wedi’i drawmateiddio. Nid oes ofn trais arno yn ei waith o ddarganfodd merched sydd ar goll. Tra’n colli rheolaeth yn ei waith, mae hunllefau Joe yn ei oddiweddyd wrth iddo ddadorchuddio cynllwyn a all arwain naill ai at ei daith i farwolaeth neu ei ddeffroad.


IMDb – You Were Never Really Here
Rotten Tomatoes – You Were Never Really Here


A mixed response to the last film of the season

  • Excellent  6
  • Very Good 7
  • Good 6
  • Average 4
  • Poor 2
  • Off the scale 1

Giving an overall rating of 58.7%


  • Clichéd and over produced drivel
  • The plot was a bit think, but very clever management of atmosphere and character.  A reminder of how brutal life can be
  • Great film – really enjoy Ramsey’s attention to small details and themes – plus great soundtrack
  • Kind of like ‘Taxi Driver’ meets ‘The Shining’ –  most engrossing and one to revisit ……
  • Psycho babble
  • I saw it through – intriguing but confusing plot at times,  please don’t choose such a violent film again it was well done but not enjoyable.
  • Bit gory – soundtrack brilliant
  • Joaquin Phoenix is always watchable!
  • The film tried very hard but was too disturbing and pretentious in the depiction of violence.  The main character was a bit too devoid of emotion
  • Bewildered – bit too violent for my taste but liked music
  • Painful to watch at times but I liked the possibility of redemption at the end
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