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Audience Reaction: ‘Canaries’


Great turn out for the film and interesting discussion after the film with Peter and Craig giving an insight into the making of the film.  Fantastic to see quality films coming out of Wales.

Thanks to Film Hub Wales for sponsoring the event.

Audience vote was as follows

  • Excellent  30
  • Very Good 20
  • Good 10
  • Average 1
  • Poor 2

Giving an overall score of 79.8%


  • Just grand
  • Totally bonkers but loved the film (well it was local!)
  • Look forward to Canaries 2
  • Wonderful blood and yellow macs
  • Great entertainment
  • Great fun.  Well done on making such a good film on a budget of just £29k  Incredible!!
  • Quirky – fun and scary in good amounts!  Love the soundtrack and the location – of course!
  • Very funny
  • Behind every great man…..   in this case Craig’s Mum
  • A very good film for this low cost of production.  Good acting by all the cast.  Put Lower Cwmtwrch on the map!
  • Witty and Welsh.  Bring on the return of the yellow Peril!  Many interesting juxtapositions and atmospheric music
  • Thoroughly enjoyed.  Looking forward to the sequel
  • Great evening.  Be back
  • Loved the fact that the film made me jump in parts as well as laugh in parts.  Humour was spot on.  Daft horror but loved the build up from 1980 to the present day
  • Amusing.  Actually jumped a few times.  Enjoyed this
  • Fantastic what can be achieved on such a small budget through all the support both locally and away and your creativity
  • Loved opening scene.  Laughed out loud many times.  And jumped!
  • Crap.  But nice guys
  • Fantastic film.  Looking forward to the sequel
  • Very good, cant wait for a sequel.  Creative storytelling, engaging and a fantastic horror.
  • A bit disjointed.  Made it difficult to watch at times
  • Enjoyed – reminded me of Peter Jackson’s bad taste
  • Can’t say I was able to follow all the plot but worth watching for the jokes and especial=ally the wonderful main setting.  Was this a prediction of L’Attaque des Gilets Jaunes?
  • Very funny.  Some great shots.  Good to hear and see proper local place and people.  Enjoyed even though I don’t like horror.
  • OK  low budget and funny in parts
  • So bad it was good and very funny and scary
  • Shaun of the Dead meets Stella!  Amazing achievement on the budget
  • It was well acted and well made for a low budget film, funny in parts, but I found it a bit morbid and despairing in parts.  I’m not a fan of horror movies anyway (Philippians 4:8)
  • Really enjoyed.  A movie with a sense of humour
  • Crap ending!!  Hope to see follow up soon though
  • Great humour and well produced
  • Great to see in Ponty.  Second time to see the film and still good   thanks
  • Very well scripted, directed and produced… they had a small budget and worked very well within their means – using fantastic techniques to make their job and that of the crew and cast easier without impacting the story or impact. This film is very much Simon Pegg and Nick Frost meets Ruth Jones. For a project that started off as a bunch of mates having a bit of crack it has actually turned into a very good film! I am looking forward to seeing more collaborations from this team.

Next Event: Silent Horror Shorts III

Dydd Mercher, 26 Hydref 2016, 7:30 yh

Wedi’i chomisiynu gan Abertoir, mae’r casgliad hwn o ffilmiau mud arswyd byrion yn dathlu’r dyfeisgar a’r dychmygus yng nghyfnod cynnar y sinema gyda detholiad o ffilmiau nas gwelwyd yn aml ar ochr ysgafnach y genre arswyd ac, yn ffurfio canolbwynt y rhaglen, un o gampweithiau gwirioneddol dywyll avant-garde sinema fud, nad yw llawer yn ymwybodol ohono.

Caiff yr holl ffilmiau eu cyflwyno gan Paul Shallcross a fydd hefyd yn canu’r piano ar eu cyfer, a bydd yn cyflwyno’i sgoriau newydd sbon.

Those Awful Hats

1909, UDA, 3 munud, (NR)
Cyfarwyddwr – D.W. Griffith

O bosib yr enghraifft gynharaf o ffilm gyhoeddiad cyhoeddus, wedi’i chyfarwyddo gan neb llai na’r dyn fydda’n ddiweddarach enwog am Birth of a Nation, dyma ffilm sy’n cynnwys rhai digwyddiadau annisgwyl iawn mewn cynulleidfa sinema.

IMDb – Those Awful Hats

The Invisible Thief (Le voleur invisible)

1909, Ffrainc, 5 munud, (NR)
Cyfarwyddwr – Segundo de Chomón

Mae isleisiau tywyll stori HG Wells yn cael eu trawsnewid yn ffilm hyfryd am drosedd gyda thechnegau camera Chomon yn ymchwilio pob posibilrwydd o stop-motion a ffotograffiaeth amlygiad dwbl. Dyma’r ffilm gynharaf i wneud defnydd yr awdur enwog fel deunydd ffynhonnell.

IMDb – The Invisible Thief (Le voleur invisible)

An Over-Incubated Baby

1901, UK, 1 munud, (NR)
Cyfarwyddwr – Robert W. Paul

Roedd Robert W. Paul yn beiriannydd arloesol o gamerâu ffilm a gwneuthurwr ffilm gyda llygad craff am y ffantastig a’r rhyfedd. Mae ei ffilmiau, fel yr un yma a Undressing Extraordinary, yn dangos rhai o’r arwyddion cynharaf o arswyd mewn ffilm. Stori rybuddiol o’r hyn sy’n digwydd os byddwch yn gadael babi goginio am rhy hir…

IMDb – An Over-Incubated Baby

The Man with a Rubber Head

1901, Ffrainc, 3 munud, (NR)
Cyfarwyddwr – Georges Méliès

Mae Tad y sinema ffantastig yma yn troi’i dychymyg tuag at ei ben ei hun…

IMDb – The Man with a Rubber Head

The Fall of the House of Usher

1928, UDA, 13 munud, (NR)
Cyfarwyddwr – James Sibley Watson & Melville Webber

Dyma waith annisgwyl gan griw o artistiaid amaturiaid gyda grym ariannol ag celfyddydol. Mewn llawer ffordd dyma’r fersiwn sinematig diffiniol o’r clasur gan Edgar Allan Poe.

IMDb – The Fall of the House of Usher

There It Is

1928, UDA, 22 munud, (Unrated)
Cyfarwyddwr – Charley Bowers

Dyma ffilm am ysbrydion gan un o’r comediwyr anghofiedig y cyfnod mud. Mae stori’r ffilm yn esgus am gomedi swreal ac effeithiau camera anhygoel.

IMDb – There It Is


And the comments as follows

  • Magical.  Perfect piano.  Timeless and delightful.  I felt delighted, amused and entertained
  • Another wonderful selection of silent era films
  • Loved the piano accompaniment
  • Fabulous
  • A rare treat excellently delivered.  Will be back next year.  Paul’s enthusiasm makes the evening
  • A real treat to see the films and to hear Paul play along in just magic
  • Very enjoyable.  Never knew that there were such interesting early films.  Excellently presented
  • Brilliant as usual
  • As always very entertaining, and also informative.  Music is inspired.  Paul is obviously very passionate about what he does
  • Charming, quirky and uniquely entertaining
  • The music suited the films very well.  Very entertaining
  • An atmospheric session of cinematic treats.  Live piano music extremely effective.
  • Entertaining Shallcross’s music great and his selection of knowledge of the films is rare
  • Erudite, informative and entertaining introductions.  Please let us have more of the genius that is Paul Shallcross
  • I really enjoyed the evening.  Info, films and music were fantastic.  I’m going home to read some Poe
  • Quirky as ever and very entertaining
  • Wonderfully entertaining and well presented
  • Very informative and some hilarious moments
  • Wonderful glimpse at history, and the music and talk were fantastic.  As a film novice and first timer at film club I was very impressed and will definitely be returning
  • Both educational and entertaining.  A most enjoyable evening
  • Really enjoyed The Fall of the House of Usher.  Inspirationally shot
  • Fabulous.  Great music, entertaining presentation, educational and interesting and fun.

Hollywood Film Festival

Hi All

A reminder that we have a great Hollywood Film Festival coming up on Saturday April 2nd starting with the 1950 Bogart film ‘In a Lonely Place’ then the highly acclaimed film ‘Trumbo’.

In-a-Lonely-PlaceWe have met with Paul from Gatsby to discuss food for the event and I think we will have a really fantastic spread. We are having a mixed buffet to include sandwiches, Glamorgan sausage bites, mini quiches, dips, bowls of coleslaw, potatoes and bowls of pasta for you to graze over. And of course some fruit.


Between the films – to keep that USA feel about the event – we will be having blueberry muffins!

Tickets are £12 for members and £15 non-members inclusive of the food of course.

So book now for what will be one of our best Film Festivals.


Christmas Dinner – Photos

Thank you all for a wonderful night at the Pontardawe Film Chub Christmas Party.

A huge thank you to Iqbal and all the staff at The Tamarind who gave us a very warm welcome and we looked after us tirelessly all evening.

Parhewch i ddarllen Christmas Dinner – Photos

Audience Reaction: Horror Shorts II

The audience gave ‘Horror Shorts II‘ with Paul Shallcross a score of 92.05%

Here are their comments:

  • Thoroughly enjoyable. Paul’s informed history of film & specific technique highly interesting. Films themselves so imaginative especially ‘Prelude’.
  • Ardderchog. Brilliant!
  • Different, enjoyable & entertaining. More like this please.
  • Unusual + interesting – a very original evening.
  • A very nice evening. Enjoyed very much.
  • Totally brilliant! And a nice tribute to Greig too! Please bring back this wonderfully talented man.
  • Very enjoyable and informative evening. Thanks


Audience Response: Minima & The Phantom of the Opera 1925

The audience gave the Minima presentation of the 1925 ‘Phantom of the Opera‘ a score of 94%

Here are their comments:

  • Music made the film.
  • Excellent music suited to the themes, however could perhaps have had a lighter approach to the more comedic scenes.
  • Minima’s music was excellent, though not always suited to the themes of the work. Audio quality suffered, something was rattling in the deepest bass in a very distracting fashion. For older works an accompanying info sheet would be helpful.
  • An interesting combination of instruments – hypnotic minimalism! What a pity that the level of volume was such that it was distorted and hit resonance with the floor, the furniture and my rib cage. A few decibels less would have enhanced the film instead of competing with it. An excellent attempt chaps; but far too loud. OK for a rave though.
  • A fantastic evening! Superb music + an excellent film.
  • Outstanding on all levels – The music complemented the film perfectly – the unmasking of the Phantom was particularly powerful as was the final sequence. Please bring Minima back!
  • Excellent performance by Minima. A shame that the music was too loud and that it caused a horrible and distracting rattle within the theatre.
  • Music was great!
  • Really enjoyed doing something different for the night!
  • Very good performance. Not what I expected.
  • What a brilliant (revived) idea! More please.
  • First time I’ve seen this cinema classic – greatly enhanced by the live music.
  • Amazing stamina of musicians. Brilliant score.

High Tide

We had a fantastic time last night in the company of Jimmy Hay and Melanie Walters of ‘High Tide’.

Our thanks go to Film Hub Wales, Tamarind Pontardawe and High Rise Window Cleaning for their financial support of the event.

Thanks also to the wonderful Ponatardawe Arts Centre staff for all of their support during this first season of film this year.

Photos – Linda Wellington

ICO Preview Weekend – April 18th – 20th

There is an ICO weekend happening on April 18th – 20th, 2015

The event will be at the BFI, Southbank, London

for full details please see


I know that there are a number of members thinking of going.

The cost is £25 for one day, £44 for two, and £60 for all three days.

There is a list of nearby accommodation on the ICO website.

It has been recommended that members book their own places and make their own arrangements for this one, but you will have company when you are there.

If you would like to reach other members why not head over to our Facebook page and join the discussion there:



And the audience have voted for the Feast Of Italian Film.

Bicycle Thief  Le Quattro Volte

The Bicycle Thief –  82%

Le Quattro Volte –  59%   

Comments after the break…