Audience Reation: ‘Theeb’

The Pontardawe audience gave ‘Theeb‘ a score of 90%
Here are their comments:
  • Thanks for screening this film yesterday. It had me on the edge of my seat. I couldn’t believe the way in which Theeb grew up before our eyes in what (I can only imagine) was a short space in time.
  • Wonderful scenery (not that I would want to live there, mind). Excellent acting from the young lead actor. One of those films where you can never guess what is going to happen next – v. enjoyable twists and turns. For once a Film Club that I didn’t feel that was too long.
  • A remarkable achievement.
  • Enthralling if somewhat grim. Fantastic desert scenery.
  • Filming of the highest order – Brilliant.
  • Beautiful, thought provoking, poetic film. My kind of film. Loved it.
  • Beautifully shot. The clash between the old and new world.
  • Excellent plot. Good cast especially the boy Theeb. ‘Revenge is a dish best served cold’!
  • Very interesting film. Arresting!
  • Beautiful and savage – beautifully slow paced.
  • For most of its length it was very gripping and interesting. It slowed down towards the end, but overall it was excellent.
  • Beautifully shot, excellent child actor – a moody slow-burner.
  • Great cinematography – wonderful use of scenery + sense of place.
  • Visually & aurally stunning. So much from the point of view of the child who spoke little.
  • Haunting music, lovely scenery, thought provoking.

Audience Response: Marshland

The Pontardawe Film Club audience gave Marshland a score of 77.08%

The comments left were as follows:

  • A nice compelling taut thriller. Fantastic cinematography, atmospheric interiors and a tense atmospheric soundtrack. Overall 8/10.
  • Enjoyed film. Intensity, photography, shots. Good plot. Well acted. Worth watching.
  • Subtitles not on long enough, especially at start. Strong acting/story. Good scenery.
  • Good cop – Bad Cop. Excellent scenery. A good interesting yarn!
  • Gripping!
  • Very powerful. great cinematography.
  • Some lovely shots (photographic!) at start. Interesting film.
  • A very good “who dunnit” story. Loved the scenery, mysterious. Directing good, I jumped 3 times, intense in parts.
  • Excellent cinematography.
  • A moody thriller with the added menace of post-Franco Spain – well supported by atmospheric music and lovely scenery.
  • Great photography.
  • Adverts at the start of the film too loud! Ariel shots stunning. Plot/storyline all over the place. Unconvincingly police heavy!
  • An excellent film – tightly scripted with real emotional intensity. Great cinematography – especially the aerial shots.
  • Beautifully shot & haunting atmosphere created via music. Slow – too slow @ times for my taste. I have a sense that the Spanish audience would have picked up on things I missed.
  • Thoroughly enjoyed this film. Beautiful cinematography! Tense plot that held attention throughout. Tension between 2 main characters held you in suspense.
  • I fell asleep!

Sorry if I made any mistakes, some of the handwriting was very difficult to decipher!

Audience reaction: The Lobster

Our audience gave the film The Lobster a score of 65.12%
Here are the comments
  • My type of quirky film. Well acted, unusual, dark + humour as well. Summed up in two words “Disturbingly interesting”.
  • Brilliantly made + performed. Very funny, absurd and troubling.
  • Wonderful, audacious film – great cast, great music (especially the Shostakovich), great concept. Like ‘Under the Skin’ it proves Sci-fi isn’t all about spaceships and robots.
  • Visually stunning, compelling storyline + great cast.
  • Excellent concept, well filmed and acted, good take on societies expectations on one another, offbeat.
  • The ultimate blind date in my opinion!
  • Challenging film to watch due to the bloody scenes. However the acting was wonderful and I empathised with the main character. I would recommend this film, but it is not for 15 year olds.
  • Bizarre and compelling. I’ll have to think about this before I can comment properly!
  • Excellent!
  • 120 minutes of oblivion. Enjoyed it. Thank you…
  • Totally not what I was expecting. Weird, sad, funny & scary.
  • Interesting idea, very funny, good cast, would recommend.
  • A dark comedy – disturbing yet riveting. One waits to see what will happen next!
  • Challenging but a great start to the new season.
  • I enjoyed the 1st half – funny and held my interest re the hotel. Once escaped however I got bored and failed to understand the point of the film. Not that films have to have a point.
  • We need a new category “Strange”
  • Utterly thought provoking!
  • Agggh
  • Not Farells best but certainly most unusual + quite funny in both ways.
  • Sad / Funny
  • Interesting film, however, I’m not a fan of Cliff-hangers – I’d rather a film have more of a definitive ending! Boring I know!
  • Maybe too weird.
  • Acting good. Funny. Entertaining. A little gory in places for my taste.
  • Weird, different for sure. Liked the incongruous animals in the wood, some scenery and the music, some funny scenes but overall not keen – a Marmite film.
  • Not really sure if I enjoyed this film or not?
  • I’ve given it average not that there was anything average about it. I’ve never seen a film like it before. So it was very original but I found it horrific.
  • Can’t take any more of it. Sorry
  • Pseudo intellectual pile of cack!
  • Hated it!
  • My main thought throughout this film was, “I hope it ends soon’.
  • Didn’t like it at all.

If you would like to add any follow up comment please head over to the film’s page to do so: THE LOBSTER (click here to add comments)

ICO Film Screening Days

The next film screening day organised by the Independent Cinema Office is at The Watershed, Bristol on the 16th to 18th of January 2016.


See the ICO Website for more details and for booking.

Christmas Dinner – Photos

Thank you all for a wonderful night at the Pontardawe Film Chub Christmas Party.

A huge thank you to Iqbal and all the staff at The Tamarind who gave us a very warm welcome and we looked after us tirelessly all evening.

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Audience Reaction: ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’

The audience gave the film ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl‘ a score of 84.09%

Here are their comments:

  • Loved the humour, quirkiness, pathos all combined into an amazing film.
    Emotional + quirky. Brilliantly directed + acted. A film I would see again.
  • Quirky and intelligent.
  • I’ve been waiting to see this film for a while – Thank you! It was excellent.
  • Great performances, witty script.
  • Beautiful film.
  • Best film this season. Wonderful.
  • Funny at times, and also very moving. Much better than I was expecting.
  • Quirky + sad. A great film to end the season.
  • Very good. Some funny, some sad.
  • Liked its dire portrait of adolescence – Greg. Visually very interesting + entertaining. I believed she’d live! Best one!
  • Enjoyable on many levels.
  • Not a plastic wrapped baguette or mawkish.

Audience Reaction: ‘Patagonia’

The audience gave the film ‘Patagonia‘ a score of 90.79%.

The screening was part of Menter Iaith Castell-nedd Port Talbot’s ‘Gwyl y Crinddail’​.

A collection was made for MacMillan (I’ll let you know how much was raised on Monday.)

Rhoddod y gynelleidfa sgor o 90.79% i’r ffilm ‘Patagonia’.

Roedd y dangosiad yn rhan o ‘Wyl y Crinddail’, Menter Iaith Castell-nedd PortTalbot​.

Casglwyd arian ar gyfer elusen MacMillan (wnai rhoi gwybod i chi beth oedd y cyfanswm a godwyd dydd Llun.)

Here are the audience comments:
Dyma sylwadau y cynelleidfa:

  • Anhygoel. Werth iw weld.
  • Charming, well-acted eccentric characters and beautiful scenery.
  • Magical. Even the mini breaks.
  • Yn dipyn far-fetched, y diwedd – ond mwynhauais i’r ffilm. Sobre todo la parte en Gales.
  • Scenery was excellent. A poignant story.
  • Yn hollol werth gweld! Roedd yr olygfa a’r actio yn fendigedig – a’r storiau hefyd. Diolch yn fawr am y cyfle!

Audience Reaction: ‘We Are Many’

The audience gave the film ‘We Are Many‘ a score of 91.43%

The comments were as follows:

  • Inspired but worried for the future.
  • The futility of war is amply shown. Two weak leaders Bush and Blair is truly shown.
  • Such a vital time to watch this film.. powerful, informative and heartbreaking. This was a really good documentary. Thank you.
  • Brilliant thought provoking and extremely relevant at the moment.
  • Fantastic well done for showing it.
  • I’m very proud to have marched in 2003 – seems like it did do some good!
  • Very emotive and informative. Sadly poignantly times – however isn’t it always… hoping for a better future. Thanks film club.
  • Extremely persuasive and very powerful, thought provoking film.
  •  No matter who you vote for the government always wins.
  • Very timely given current circumstances and a good reminder of what people power can achieve.
  • Challenges what we should have done as well as go on the demo.
  • It made me so mad! Is that good or bad. It should be compulsory viewing on TV.
  • Profound connection! Mass / global protest and political change. An enjoyable watch – bar the scenes of carnage – as well as important idea.

There was one comment I could not read. See the photo.

Please click on the photo to enlarge.

Audience Reaction: The Connection

The audience gave the film ‘The Connection‘ as core of 90%

Comments as follows:

  • Very enjoyable, beautifully shot. Perhaps a little longer than it needed to be but held the attention!
  • Very classy film, superbly acted.
  • I also remember the events at the time in France. Brilliant acting!
  • Not the best script in the world, lots of gaping holes. However the acting was good – the lead actor is very charismatic.
  • Good film, strong acting. 2 male leads. Just not my genre! So not excellent.

The International Film Festival of Wales 2015

iffw-2015The Gwyn Hall in Neath will be home to The International Film Festival of Wales again this year…

Find out more about the festival on the Gwyn Hall Website IFFW 2015 page

Audience Reaction: Horror Shorts II

The audience gave ‘Horror Shorts II‘ with Paul Shallcross a score of 92.05%

Here are their comments:

  • Thoroughly enjoyable. Paul’s informed history of film & specific technique highly interesting. Films themselves so imaginative especially ‘Prelude’.
  • Ardderchog. Brilliant!
  • Different, enjoyable & entertaining. More like this please.
  • Unusual + interesting – a very original evening.
  • A very nice evening. Enjoyed very much.
  • Totally brilliant! And a nice tribute to Greig too! Please bring back this wonderfully talented man.
  • Very enjoyable and informative evening. Thanks


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