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Audience Reaction: Lady Macbeth

Mixed responses to Lady Macbeth

Excellent 7
Very good 7
Good     7
Average 3

Giving an overall rating of 68.75%

Comments as follows

  • Was she a sociopath or deranged by her infatuation – wanted to know more of her back story
  • Too depressing to be enjoyable I’m afraid
  • Troubling picture about how twisted and out of shape humanity can get!  Think Ponty film club is amazing
  • Beats Miss Marple
  • Highly interesting – the narrative, characters, scenery, filming.  Literally incredible yet it did not matter
  • Beautiful atmospheric cinematography
  • What fabulous clothes
  • Austere, intense, harsh.  Very gripping, although the characters were unsympathetic.  Quite an experience
  • Cold, unsympathetic characters – oh the travails of the idle rich
  • The devil makes work for idle hands.  What a wicket woman
  • Great performance by Florence Pugh.  Another great film
  • Well, silences, characters I did not like.  But quite enjoyed the film

Audience Reaction: Maudie

Maudie certainly seemed to please

Excellent 40
Very Good 11
Average 1

Giving an overall rating of 93.27% – is that high enough for the Ponty Awards??

Comments as follows

  • It hit the spot
  • Charming, poignant, sad.  Excellent acting and fabulous cinematography
  • What gives some people the inner strength to find joy in life – no matter what is thrown at them?
  • Brilliant acting, beautiful photography, moving story
  • Really enjoyed this film  made me think of how material the world is and to enjoy and value the simpler things in life
  • Slow but very moving.  The characters were well sketched and the story was very heartwarming
  • A beautiful film.  Great performances from Hawkins and Hawke
  • More like this please.  Lovely film. ‘Shape of Water’ next
  • Like most modern transatlantic films would have benefitted from subtitles – couldn’t follow most of the dialogue
  • Excellent acting though sadly it reminded me of Eddie Redmayne as Steven Hawkins and the transexual.  Thematically like Manchester by the Sea.  Communication and the development of relationships with few words – very moving
  • A gentle romantic view of what was probably a far harsher reality
  • Desperately sad but uplifting.  Great scenery
  • Excellent film.  Lovely cuppa too
  • Charming and artistic – life as art
  • A tender tale where six and eight make one
  • This is one of the best films I have seen in a long time.  Will recommend it to friends and family
  • It made me cry
  • Sensitive and beautiful
  • Remarkable film – will live long in the memory
  • delightful

Audience Reaction: ‘I, Daniel Blake’

A new record, 97.53% for the first film of the season, ‘I, Daniel Blake


  • Excellent social commentary – perhaps slightly one sided – not all job centre staff are hostile
  • Very well made. They could have gone over the top but this was just right and exactly as it is in real life as I have witnessed
  • Heart-breaking and extremely moving. Sadly very true
  • Brilliant – thought provoking
  • Should be compulsory viewing for everyone – especially MPs
  • Very down to earth, true to life which is a pity
  • Where is empathy in our society?
  • Excellent film having been affected by these issues ourselves
  • A moving expose of our so called caring society. We’re all in this together? I think not.
  • Hard hitting and absolutely real and true
  • Completely changed my views on the benefits system – harrowing film
  • This is not fiction – it UK now – our shame
  • Brilliant as only Ken Loach can do. So sad, such an indictment of Britain today
  • British film making at ist best an intelligent and deeply moving protralay of the realities of modern Britain beyond the bullshit of sound-bite politicians. Remarkable.
  • One less statistic for the government to worry about.
  • Awesome but a sad indictment of our society
  • Full frustration – I wonder how I would do in similar circumstance
  • Very moving. The single mum reminded me of me moving into a home with my child struggling. Really felt for the characters. Made the injustice of the benefits system really clear
  • It’s a heart-breaking yet heart-warming film, and it challenges ones assumptions about the state supporting attitude to its citizens
  • As powerful a film as you would expect from Ken Loach – just wish I could have understood all the dialogue – perhaps I should see the subtitled French version next!
  • Incredible – everyone should see it – distraught
  • Shows the lethal consequences of lack of respect
  • Dickens in modern dress – oh brave new world
  • Tragic
  • Too close to the truth – well acted
  • Personal truth heart-wrenching film – ken loach’s best film – truthful to the core – time for a revolution
  • I cant stop crying and I feel angry – I do not understand how the system works
  • Absolutely wonderful, powerful, profound, looking-glass into real life for many citizens of our society. Should be compulsory viewing for everyone

Audience Reaction: ‘Truman’

The audience gave Truman a score of 90%

Comments as follows

  • We enjoyed this film very much.  Poignant, touching, funny and amusing.
  • A roller coaster of emotions – joys and griefs – poor Truman seemed almost incidental – the perfect, quiet companion animal
  • A very brave, sad film,  guitar music was very emotive
  • Really emotional and very truthful about men (and women’s) relationships  excellent film.  One of the best this season
  • Heart-warming.  Brilliant acting
  • I found the son’s choice to go to a concert with his girlfriend rather than spend time with his dying father rather unbelievable and the relationships were all rather shallow – in the circumstances I would expect more sincerity
  • Too emotional to comment
  • Moving and accurate picture of men’s relationships.  Use of dog clever!
  • A gentle stroll through a man’s last days told with gentle aplomb and some touching moments
  • Well told well acted  could have ben over sentimental but was moving
  • Lovely soundtrack  extremely moving  captivating acting
  • Sorry ! thought the ethics were awful

Audience Reaction: ‘Horror Shorts III’

Another wonderful experience of film and music brought to us by Paul Shallcross…. Horror Shorts III

The event scored an incredible 95.71%

And the comments as follows

  • Magical.  Perfect piano.  Timeless and delightful.  I felt delighted, amused and entertained
  • Another wonderful selection of silent era films
  • Loved the piano accompaniment
  • Fabulous
  • A rare treat excellently delivered.  Will be back next year.  Paul’s enthusiasm makes the evening
  • A real treat to see the films and to hear Paul play along in just magic
  • Very enjoyable.  Never knew that there were such interesting early films.  Excellently presented
  • Brilliant as usual
  • As always very entertaining, and also informative.  Music is inspired.  Paul is obviously very passionate about what he does
  • Charming, quirky and uniquely entertaining
  • The music suited the films very well.  Very entertaining
  • An atmospheric session of cinematic treats.  Live piano music extremely effective.
  • Entertaining Shallcross’s music great and his selection of knowledge of the films is rare
  • Erudite, informative and entertaining introductions.  Please let us have more of the genius that is Paul Shallcross
  • I really enjoyed the evening.  Info, films and music were fantastic.  I’m going home to read some Poe
  • Quirky as ever and very entertaining
  • Wonderfully entertaining and well presented
  • Very informative and some hilarious moments
  • Wonderful glimpse at history, and the music and talk were fantastic.  As a film novice and first timer at film club I was very impressed and will definitely be returning
  • Both educational and entertaining.  A most enjoyable evening
  • Really enjoyed The Fall of the House of Usher.  Inspirationally shot
  • Fabulous.  Great music, entertaining presentation, educational and interesting and fun.

Audience Reaction: ‘Dheepan’

The audience gave ‘Dheepan‘ a score of 80%

Here are their comments:

  • Out of the frying pan into the fire  Very good acting by all
  • Fine film spoilt by the shooting spree at the end
  • Was the ending intended to represent the life they were expecting – in stark contrast to the one they found themselves living?
  • An incredibly well acted reminder of reality in some part of Europe and the world
  • Moving, dark and disturbing.  Not a  pleasing viewing but necessary perhaps.  Ending didn’t fit
  • Dirty Harry at the end???   Hard work.  Don’t think I like film
  • Acting outstanding.  Totally believable.  Quality film
  • Multi layered, excellent acting and the tears behind the smiles
  • Wow!  Why did we have lighting stands on the stage obscuring the film?
  • Another thought provoking film.  Life is difficult

Audience Reaction: ’13 Minutes (Elser)’

The audience gave ‘13 Minutes‘ a score of 94.18%

Their comments were as follows:

  • Loving these factual films – loved the directing, the way it kept flicking back and forth. Tense.
  • Not my cup of tea but excellent film
  • A very moving, dramatic film – one must ask:- what if?
  • Hard to watch at times but one of the best films about eh war I have seen. Amazing story very well told
  • Brilliant
  • Very powerful
  • Knew nothing of this before seeing the film – story presented in an interesting way
  • A powerful drama and an important true story which needed to be brought to light. Tension and horrow of Nazi Germany well depicted
  • A grim watch and an important one – would never have heard of Elser. Inspiring
  • Moving convinving portrayal of daily life with Nazis but I cant stomach the violence
  • Enjoyable acting but hard to watch at times.

Audience Reaction: ‘Rams’

The audience gave ‘Rams‘ a score of 80.45%

And their comments were as follows:

  • Just love the pace and observations, the honest depiction of real life. One of the most powerful stories of redemption I have ever watched.  Thank you.
  • Beautifully filmed, deeply sad, just carried along by bits of humour.  Loved the beards and jumpers
  • Slow slow slow  sheep!!!
  • Who would have thought inaction could have been so gripping?  Well the storm was far from inactive!  Obsession or passion?  Perhaps the same.  Great visuals.  Sound psychology
  • Thomas Hardy type tale in the icy northern hemisphere – beautifully shot and very glad no sheep seemed to be harmed
  • Loved the story of two brothers, one common goal for the sheep.  Heart wrenching, felt for them when the sheep had to die.  Humour in parts.  Ending of the film, my conclusion is they all died – sheep, dog and brothers but on the hand all lived happily ever after.  Loved the bleakness of the scenery and how the whole film captivated you
  • Moving portrayal of relationship between brothers and impact of a disease like scrapie
  • Brilliant, evocative and so atmospheric
  • A good film spoiled by the lack of an ending
  • Realistic, superb acting
  • Powerful albeit bleak.   How much it takes to reunite two brothers after 40 years
  • Fascinating; felt like the first part of a two parter.  Felt real, want to go to Iceland
  • It takes sibling rivalry to its extremes  very moving experience
  • Like the dog and sheep    very moving
  • Very interesting story – excellent photography, slow pace added to the atmosphere – lovely music – sad end – message??? Life’s too short – keep talking!
  • A not so simple tale of two brothers told simply
  • Good dramatic cinematography.  A nice story but was it a happy ending!????
  • Showed how tough life is outside the cities and towns of Iceland.  Very sad film but enjoyed
  • Did they run out of money or film?
  • I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be a drama or a comedy.  However I did enjoy it.  The ending was quite abrupt though

Audience Reaction: ‘A Second Chance’

The Pontardawe audience gave the film ‘A Second Chance‘ a score of 83.33 %

Their comments were:

  • Difficult to watch at times but a rewarding watch – good acting.  Brave story line
  • Excellent story
  • Was it a psychological exploration of grief or a thriller?  Good either way.  a little too much use of beautiful yet stark Scandi landscapes
  • Very dramatic – excellent acting – would have made a good TV series
  • Interesting film – what a twist
  • For the first half hour I thought I was going to hat eit … vbut then so many surprises in store.  Trouble is, I can never talk about the plot to anyone who hasn’t yet seen it!
  • Very interesting story, well told – twist at the end was very clever
  • Brilliant – so many twists and turns – beautiful photography, excellent acting – what he did was wrong but understandable – Happy ending
  • Very believable acting, beautifully shot, emotionally gripping tale
  • Emotional film.   A bit far fetched in what a senior Police Officer did but guess we all act differently in stressful situations.  A twist in the story, didn’t expect that, but all turned out good in the end.  Guess his actions saved the baby and mother’s life.  Recommended
  • Very moving
  • A good cast was wasted in a hopelessly unbelievable plot.  Totally implausible from start to finish, and a major disappointment.

Audience Reaction: ‘In a Lonely Place’ and ‘Trumbo’

Scores and comments from the Hollywood Film Festival this past weekend. Looks like you all had a really great time!

Audience Score 84%

  • Very engaging – powerful emotions and great tension in the story with the seed of doubt sown. Enjoyed the strong performances and the costumes.
  • Great character development showing the breakdown of faith between the lovers
  • Enjoyed the suspense. Strong female character – one unlucky guy!
  • Very dramatic music – did he or did not he?
  • Good casting of actors
  • Full of tension
  • Good to have two films about screenwriters to compare. Look forward to Trumbo
  • One of my favourite films – great to see on the big screen. Bogart and Grahame are a spectacular paring – very emotionally intense
  • Loved the dialogues, retorts and quips. Something not in modern films. Bogart is fab actor. Loved the story, gripping. Like reading a good book you cannot put down – brilliant performance. Kept you on the edge of your seat. Totally credible. Well worth watching
  • Totally compelling
  • Loved it …so atmospheric without hi-tec special effects of today – wonderful acting, so much expression in faces and body language – fantastic script with humour – black and white film evokes so much tension and wonderful imagery – great high speed car journey
  • Great ending.
  • Very engaging, powerful emotions, great tension in the story with the
  • Enjoyed the strong performances and the costumes. Naked intensity.
  • Predictable but enjoyed
  • Interesting from the perspective of how an abusive relationship was viewed in the 50s as opposed to today. Predictable and result end result with issues unresolved.
  • Very tense gripping drama

Audience Score 93%

  • Very informative –showed warts and all – but what a dreadful episode in US history
  • Brilliantly portrayed of individual attempt to live up to b lists for
    An enjoyable slice of infamous American history well told. Could have done with a re-write to shorted it slightly
  • Use of black and white film with colour emphasized the time. Illustrated not only the madness of the time but the complexities of the characters and subversiveness of the fight back by the accused
  • Inspiring and moving. Interesting to see into the history and how it played out in individual lives. The toll it took
  • The film showed how paranoid the Americans were at that time. It showed how families were destroyed by the black list
  • Interesting period in USA history – could return if Donal Trump becomes president!
  • The film very effectively portrayed the strength of Trumbo and many others. It was extremely well written and performed brilliantly by Bryan Cranston. It was a joy to watch and extremely accurate historically also.
  • Brilliant film saw all sides of Trumbo’s character
  • Inspiring resistance to paranoia
  • Glad the good guys won in the end
  • Brilliant film – perfect casting, excellent cinematography – dreadful story – a bad time in America -= Helen Mirren as Hedda was great at the end as personification of right wing evil and bigotry – loved Billie Holiday at the end – just the right song!
  • Acting superb, the actors playing the ‘real’ actors were life like. Highly recommended I learned a lot in the film of what happed during those times.
  • Brilliantly acted – nice to know who were the good guys and who were the baddies

Audience Reaction: ‘Sicario’

The audience gave ‘Sicario‘ a score of 67.5%
Comments were as follows:
  • Gripping, tense, atmospheric, night vision scene. Directing was superb. Life like in the cartel drug world. Will watch again as in this type of film, you’ll see things you missed the first time round
  • Very gripping and tense. Some great set pieces and tense throughout. Excellent.
  • Cheer me up why don’t you!!
  • Very entertaining.
  • Morally challenging with no easy answers! Acting & cinematography were excellent!
  • Not a film you could sleep through – very tense. The border between right and wrong is very blurred in some situations.
  • Tense drama enhanced by great soundtrack.
  • Very atmospheric and bleak.
  • Bruce Willis eat your heart out! When you are up to your neck in —- it is hard to remember the intention was to clear the swamp!
  • Gritty and grim – I liked the dark music to accompany a dark tale…. Sicario – girl was a bit dippy.
  • I could appreciate that this was a very well directed film but this type of film isn’t my cup of tea. There were times when the dialogue was difficult to understand when the actors were mumbling.Great cinematography, very good casting, felt a bit sorry for the main protagonist, felt she had been used by the system. My guess is that the film is based on a certain amount of truth, and there lies the problem, we the good guys have turned into monsters that are just as bad as the bad guys! Food for thought.
  • Good acting, good soundtrack, good cinematography. Grim!
  • Hate stories of man’s inhumanity to man – Revenge killing at the end was appalling! No need to shoot the boys. Save good photography. Didn’t like Emily Blunt.
  • Some nice set pieces but a poor plot. Lead character was totally unconvincing + unsympathetic. Disappointing.

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