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Audience Reaction: The Party


We have 60 members at present but an average of 27 turn up to each film.

40 members turned out for this film – and  generally a well received reception for the first film of the season.

The votes were as follows:

Excellent  26
Very Good  12
Good 5
Average 2
Poor 2

Which gave an overall rating of 80.85%


  • A very surprising watch.  Effective ending.  Interesting camera work – every line on skin visible.  Characters generally unlikeable!!
  • What a party.  What a riot
  • The music was very good.  This film would have made a good play
  • Very drole – amusing and quirky characterisation.  Well supported by the musical choices.  A classy little comedy
  • Timothy Spall was wonderful
  • Is it true than when you scratch beneath the surface of urbane liberalism all you find is egocentricity?
  • Awesome – a great start to the season
  • What happens when the liberal elite is stressed
  • Despite a great cast I’m afraid it didn’t quite work for me
  • Excellent tragi-farcical comedy of manners
  • Parts I liked but I wasn’t entirely convinced!  Not sure the black and white added anything
  • Good fun film to start the season
  • Not for me
  • Funny poignant and well paced.  Would make a great stage play
  • Such a brilliant performance of actors – I loved it
  • Funniest and cleverest film I’ve seen in a long time    more Potter
  • Interested.  Acting excellent.  Script and characterisation poor
  • Acting was better than the script
  • Amusing, tense, unexpected moments, not only the ending.  Excellent dialogue at times.  Actors all excellent
  • A film worth watching for its black comedy, good acting and funny dialogue
  • Very funny, witty and eccentric
  • The antithesis of Ken Loach’s film style – self-indulgent, stagey and self-conscious – utterly irritating.  It’s one redeeming feature – it was short!
  • A rather dull tale of dysfunctional bourgeoisie
  • Loved it.  Extremely well acted.  The camera shots were a joy to watch, a good whole hearted funny (in a dark way) film.

Next Film: Men & Chicken

Wednesday, 9 November 2016, 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm

2015, Denmark, 104 minutes, (15)
Director – Anders Thomas Jensen

Riotous, bawdy and transgressive black comedy. Discovering their father isn’t really their father two brothers go in search of their biological parent. They discover a unique place – where bestiality is gleefully accepted, casual violence the norm and unusual passions are indulged – and start to uncover the mysteries of their origins. Not for the faint hearted.


IMDb – Men & Chicken (Mænd & høns)
Rotten Tomatoes – Men & Chicken (Mænd & høns)

Audience Reaction: ‘Rams’

The audience gave ‘Rams‘ a score of 80.45%

And their comments were as follows:

  • Just love the pace and observations, the honest depiction of real life. One of the most powerful stories of redemption I have ever watched.  Thank you.
  • Beautifully filmed, deeply sad, just carried along by bits of humour.  Loved the beards and jumpers
  • Slow slow slow  sheep!!!
  • Who would have thought inaction could have been so gripping?  Well the storm was far from inactive!  Obsession or passion?  Perhaps the same.  Great visuals.  Sound psychology
  • Thomas Hardy type tale in the icy northern hemisphere – beautifully shot and very glad no sheep seemed to be harmed
  • Loved the story of two brothers, one common goal for the sheep.  Heart wrenching, felt for them when the sheep had to die.  Humour in parts.  Ending of the film, my conclusion is they all died – sheep, dog and brothers but on the hand all lived happily ever after.  Loved the bleakness of the scenery and how the whole film captivated you
  • Moving portrayal of relationship between brothers and impact of a disease like scrapie
  • Brilliant, evocative and so atmospheric
  • A good film spoiled by the lack of an ending
  • Realistic, superb acting
  • Powerful albeit bleak.   How much it takes to reunite two brothers after 40 years
  • Fascinating; felt like the first part of a two parter.  Felt real, want to go to Iceland
  • It takes sibling rivalry to its extremes  very moving experience
  • Like the dog and sheep    very moving
  • Very interesting story – excellent photography, slow pace added to the atmosphere – lovely music – sad end – message??? Life’s too short – keep talking!
  • A not so simple tale of two brothers told simply
  • Good dramatic cinematography.  A nice story but was it a happy ending!????
  • Showed how tough life is outside the cities and towns of Iceland.  Very sad film but enjoyed
  • Did they run out of money or film?
  • I wasn’t sure if it was meant to be a drama or a comedy.  However I did enjoy it.  The ending was quite abrupt though

Audience Reaction: ‘Grandma’

The Pontardawe Film Club gave ‘Grandma‘ a score of 76.44%.
Here are their comments:
  • Great portrayal of relationships and how it dealt with abortion.
  • Humour and kept my attention.
  • Very thought provoking. Excellent again.
  • V. brave choice of film.
  • Great film. Well acted. It was good. Enjoying. Well made. Simple.
  • Fantastic film. Loved it! Simple plot-lines a story about the characters + how they interact with each other!
  • Loved characters & real life.
  • Ab.fab – entertaining – funny – poignant. Great film!
  • Beautifully acted. Very funny and poignant. Great selection. Thank you.
  • Enjoyed Lily Tomlin’s performance – Would not have been the film it was without her. Dealt with issues in interesting way – from 3 way perspective.
  • A really powerful film, ‘Grandma’ reminded me of my own Grandma on so many levels, mine wasn’t a lesbian, but she rocked, she kicked a$$ and didn’t give a hoot what people thought. A coming-of-age film I guess. I was in floods of tears before the end. Brilliant choice. Perfect film club film.
  • Different – language?
  • Good to see Lily Tomlin again.
  • Heart-warming+ Woman’s film maybe?
  • Funny & heart warming.
  • Excellent characterisation of the 3 women – ‘Grandma’ was complex, creative and caring.
  • Tomlin excellent. Story simple + profound. Contrast of Grandma & Sage (in every way) terrific, pale/dark; abstract/concrete etc. Real women’s life.
  • Light hearted, good acting, liked her. Love Lily anyway, liked her character, but I thought a bit OTT when she tipped the coffee in the shop. Not interesting enough for me, but enjoyable to watch.
  • Good photography, enjoyed the music, good acting – liked the characters – but ‘Grandma’ did get on my nerves on occasion.
  • Thought provoking.
  • Some good laughs and a few touching moments, but quite slow. It felt longer than its running time. Worth a look though.
  • What a grand-mother – different to mine! Interesting story.

Audience Reaction: A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence

The audience gave the film ‘A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence‘ a score of 24%.

Here are the comments:

  • Poor choice made film night not a good choice.
  • Started promisingly with very black humour, but after a while the joke wore off and it just became frustrating. Some excellent composition and some stand out moments à la Bunuel, Beckett and even The League of Gentlemen. But overlong and perhaps too alienating.
  • I think I can say that was the strangest film I have ever seen at PFC. I will remember it though. Lottas sko i Göteborg (1943) – you had to be there…
  • A surreal slant on humanity.
  • Loved it!
  • Not quite sure what I’ve just watched?
  • How on earth did this film win the Golden Lion?
  • Not much on the TV.
  • ???
  • What was that all about then eh?
  • Bizzare! + Beige very Swedish.
  • Lost 2 hrs of my life.
  • A series of surreal pastiches portraying humanity in a mostly sad and sorry state with whiffs of Python-style humour. You probably won’t come out feeling happy!

Audience Reaction – ‘Wild Tales’

The audience gave the film ‘Wild Tales‘ a score of 83.59%

Here are the comments:

  • Entertaining, felt like it could all really happen!
  • Very exuberant, fast moving and funny. I didn’t especially like the violence, but it was in keeping with the tone of the film. Excellent.
  • One of the best films I’ve seen so far. Love Dynamite Man and the passionate wedding.
  • Sums up my life!
  • Vengeance is sweet! An explosive film! Well made film.
  • A racy, pacey gallop through the jungle of human emotion – very enjoyable and funny!
  • Funny, smart, well made with salutary sub-text
  • Grotesquely amusing, very good.
  • Funniest thing I have seen in ages! Excellent!
  • Certainly wild! Really enjoyed.
  • Entertaining, often predictable twists. Suspend belief and have a laugh.


Audience reaction ‘Birdman’

The audience gave the film ‘Birdman‘  a score of 70.16%

Here are the comments:
  • Thought provoking.
  • Fantastic camera work, very intriguing.
  • Good film. Rapid dialogue an example perhaps where subtitles might have been helpful.
  • Riveting film. Loved it.
  • Great pace, very funny. Lots of pathos – aging and decline. Great music too!
  • Well acted but not for me.
  • Quite funny in parts. Strange ending though.
  • Storyline keeps you on your toes and a wonderful up-in-the-air ending. Brilliant performances.
  • Salvador Dali comes to mind! It appears to be an hour too long.
  • Great music, lurched between sad realism and surrealism!
  • Clever but I really didn’t care about the characters. (Hated the drumming)
  • Some moments funny but overall not good.
  • Overweight, overacted, overlong + unfunny.
  • Walked out after 1/2hr. Couldn’t understand 1/2 the dialogue.
  • Couldn’t understand half what they said. Gave it 30 mins. That was enough.

Thank you to our sponsors last night Charlo’s Fish and Chips, Pontardawe

Audience Reaction – ‘In Order of Disappearance’

The audience gave ‘In Order of Disappearance‘ a score of 87%

Here are the comments:

  • Good fun, well made.
  • Brilliant. Good fun, chicken wire, Aberdulais Falls, I can think of someone.
  • Not usually my cup of tea. However – great! The Count (a new Dracula) was wonderfully mad + evil. Dad’s Rule [sic]
  • Best Psychopath I’ve seen!
  • I was gripped throughout and loved the characterisation of the different protagonists.
  • Sooooo funny!
  • Brilliant to see Nordic film.
  • It took a while to realise that this was a COMEDY film – but once that became clear it was very enjoyable. Some fine dry humour in the performances. If this is typical, we should have more from Norway.
  • Fantastic scenery great humour in dialogue but overall not quite funny enough.