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Our Next Film: Library Suicides / Y Llyfrgell

Tuesday, 7 March 2017, 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm

2016, UK, 87 minutes, (15)
Director – Euros Lyn

Following two librarians whose mother, a famous author, apparently commits suicide, leaving them devastated. However the mother’s final words suggest that her biographer may have been responsible for her murder; the twins set off on a quest to avenge her death.

Screen-writer Fflur Dafydd will be introducing the film.


IMDb – The Library Suicides / Y Llyfrgell
Rotten Tomatoes – The Library Suicides / Y Llyfrgell
Official Website – The Library Suicides / Y Llyfrgell



  • Mwynheuais i’n arbennig y sesiwn cwestiynau ac atebion ar ôl y ffilm. Diolch yn fawr i’r trefnwyr.
  • I especially enjoyed the question and answer session after the film. Many thanks to the organizers.
  • Stunning film. Thoroughly enjoyed
  • Great to see a welsh language film. Great story with a great plot. Good to nurture local talent. Very much enjoyed
  • I found the film very poetic, it was epic. Not even Dylan Thomas could have foreseen this. BEST WELSH FILM….. EVER!!!!!
  • Very hard to believe the tale. It was too long for a film
  • I found it confusing and I didn’t know what genre I was entering – crime fiction, comedy, horror. Generally I avoid ‘noire’ so I’m not familiar with it. I didn’t like all the turning about in the library. To me this lacked tension and didn’t lead anywhere. At the beginning I would have liked more dialogues. Overall I wanted more comedy or more logic or more tension or all of these
  • Gwych I weld ffilm yn gymraegless running about.
  • Gripping, intriguing, very atmospheric, good story line. Thought Dan’s character brought some humour to its ending and I thought were they twins or a figment of Ana’s imagination. Nan her alter ego. Good twist, really enjoyed
  • Very glad I came to see this film. I came with my librarian colleague
  • Really enjoyed the film. Will visit the library as I haven’t as yet. I love crime and I work in a library
  • A kaleidoscope of library tales – clever and quirky, very enjoyable
  • Questions uncensored not sure what of the story is true
  • I will visit the library. Having the author was excellent
  • Funny, enjoyed
  • Mwynhenais; ‘n arbennig y sesiwn cwestiynau ac atcbau ar Sl y ffilm dioch yn fawr I’r trefnwyr
  • Very gripping and the ambiguous ending left me deep in thought about all that had happened before. Excellent
  • So please Fflur could come. Great Q and A great film
  • Thought provoking with regard personal memory and loss
  • Too many holes in plot but interesting idea

Audience Reaction: ‘Patagonia’

The audience gave the film ‘Patagonia‘ a score of 90.79%.

The screening was part of Menter Iaith Castell-nedd Port Talbot’s ‘Gwyl y Crinddail’​.

A collection was made for MacMillan (I’ll let you know how much was raised on Monday.)

Rhoddod y gynelleidfa sgor o 90.79% i’r ffilm ‘Patagonia’.

Roedd y dangosiad yn rhan o ‘Wyl y Crinddail’, Menter Iaith Castell-nedd PortTalbot​.

Casglwyd arian ar gyfer elusen MacMillan (wnai rhoi gwybod i chi beth oedd y cyfanswm a godwyd dydd Llun.)

Here are the audience comments:
Dyma sylwadau y cynelleidfa:

  • Anhygoel. Werth iw weld.
  • Charming, well-acted eccentric characters and beautiful scenery.
  • Magical. Even the mini breaks.
  • Yn dipyn far-fetched, y diwedd – ond mwynhauais i’r ffilm. Sobre todo la parte en Gales.
  • Scenery was excellent. A poignant story.
  • Yn hollol werth gweld! Roedd yr olygfa a’r actio yn fendigedig – a’r storiau hefyd. Diolch yn fawr am y cyfle!

The International Film Festival of Wales 2015

iffw-2015The Gwyn Hall in Neath will be home to The International Film Festival of Wales again this year…

Find out more about the festival on the Gwyn Hall Website IFFW 2015 page

High Tide

We had a fantastic time last night in the company of Jimmy Hay and Melanie Walters of ‘High Tide’.

Our thanks go to Film Hub Wales, Tamarind Pontardawe and High Rise Window Cleaning for their financial support of the event.

Thanks also to the wonderful Ponatardawe Arts Centre staff for all of their support during this first season of film this year.

Photos – Linda Wellington