‘Hollywood’ Film Festival

Dydd Sadwrn, 2 Ebrill 2016, 3:00 yh

Gwledd o ffilmiau moethus ac wedyn pryd o ddanteithion blasus ar thema Hollywood.
Tocynnau: Am y ddwy ffilm, £12 i aelodau, £15 i’r rhai nad ydynt yn aelodau (yn cynnwys lluniaeth). Am dim ond un ffilm a bwyd £10 aelodau, £13 i’r rhai nad ydynt yn aelodau.


1950, UDA, 94 munud, (PG)
Cyfarwyddwr – Nicholas Ray


Humphrey Bogart sy’n chwarae awdur ar gyfer y sgrin sy’n gallu bod yn dreisgar ac sydd dan amheuaeth o lofruddiaeth hyd nes i’w gymydog ffeind glirio’i enw. Ond mae’n dechrau cael amheuon…


IMDb – In a Lonely Place
Rotten Tomatoes – In a Lonely Place



  • Very engaging – powerful emotions and great tension in the story with the seed of doubt sown. Enjoyed the strong performances and the costumes.
  • Great character development showing the breakdown of faith between the lovers
  • Enjoyed the suspense. Strong female character – one unlucky guy!
  • Very dramatic music – did he or did not he?
  • Good casting of actors
  • Full of tension
  • Good to have two films about screenwriters to compare. Look forward to Trumbo
  • One of my favourite films – great to see on the big screen. Bogart and Grahame are a spectacular paring – very emotionally intense
  • Loved the dialogues, retorts and quips. Something not in modern films. Bogart is fab actor. Loved the story, gripping. Like reading a good book you cannot put down – brilliant performance. Kept you on the edge of your seat. Totally credible. Well worth watching
  • Totally compelling
  • Loved it …so atmospheric without hi-tec special effects of today – wonderful acting, so much expression in faces and body language – fantastic script with humour – black and white film evokes so much tension and wonderful imagery – great high speed car journey
  • Great ending.
  • Very engaging, powerful emotions, great tension in the story with the
  • Enjoyed the strong performances and the costumes. Naked intensity.
  • Predictable but enjoyed
  • Interesting from the perspective of how an abusive relationship was viewed in the 50s as opposed to today. Predictable and result end result with issues unresolved.
  • Very tense gripping drama


2015, UDA, 124 munud, (15)
Cyfarwyddwr – Jay Roach


Ym 1947, Dalton Trumbo oedd awdur gorau Hollywood ar gyfer y sgrin, hyd nes iddo ef ac artistiaid eraill gael eu carcharu a’u pardduo am eu credoau gwleidyddol. Gwrthododd Trumbo ildio i’w dymuniadau trwy dditment. Castio rhagorol gyda Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) yn chwarae’r brif ran a Helen Mirren yn argyhoeddiadol iawn fel Hedda Hopper.


IMDb – Trumbo
Rotten Tomatoes – Trumbo



  • Very informative – showed warts and all – but what a dreadful episode in US history
  • Brilliantly portrayed of individual attempt to live up to b lists for
  • An enjoyable slice of infamous American history well told. Could have done with a re-write to shorted it slightly
  • Use of black and white film with colour emphasized the time. Illustrated not only the madness of the time but the complexities of the characters and subversiveness of the fight back by the accused
  • Inspiring and moving. Interesting to see into the history and how it played out in individual lives. The toll it took
  • The film showed how paranoid the Americans were at that time. It showed how families were destroyed by the black list
  • Interesting period in USA history – could return if Donal Trump becomes president!
  • The film very effectively portrayed the strength of Trumbo and many others. It was extremely well written and performed brilliantly by Bryan Cranston. It was a joy to watch and extremely accurate historically also.
  • Brilliant film saw all sides of Trumbo’s character
  • Inspiring resistance to paranoia
  • Glad the good guys won in the end
  • Brilliant film – perfect casting, excellent cinematography – dreadful story – a bad time in America -= Helen Mirren as Hedda was great at the end as personification of right wing evil and bigotry – loved Billie Holiday at the end – just the right song!
  • Acting superb, the actors playing the ‘real’ actors were life like. Highly recommended I learned a lot in the film of what happed during those times.
  • Brilliantly acted – nice to know who were the good guys and who were the baddies
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