Manchester by the Sea

Dydd Mercher, 12 Ebrill 2017, 2:00 yh & 7:30 yh

2016, UDA, 137 munud, (15)
Cyfarwyddwr – Kenneth Lonergan

Mae rhaid i Lee (Casey Affleck), porthor unig o Boston, fynd yn ôl i ei dref enedigol er mwyn gofalu am nai yn ei arddegau.


IMDb – Manchester by the Sea
Rotten Tomatoes – Manchester by the Sea
Official Website – Manchester by the Sea



  • Very moving, fantastic actors. Shows how complicated grief is.
  • I can’t recall a film ever using music better than this. Sensitive and accurate portrayal of male relationships. Lee’s response to grief and guilt very credible.
  • Extremely moving and powerful.
  • Powerful depiction of a broken soul – with just a glimmer of hope to sustain our souls
  • Remarkable film making.
  • Just didn’t get started for me.
  • I thought this film summed up the irony of life an death. I didn’t expect the comedy but it was well-observed. An excellent film; the 2¼ hours went by quickly and that says it all
  • Didn’t live up to my expectations – too long, slow, moody – loved the music
  • Excellent film that kept me gripped throughout. Funnier than I expected but very moving too. Well acted and directed and one of the best films of this season
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