Even The Rain


Gael Garcia Bernal plays a director filming a controversial film about Christopher Columbus in Bolivia, the historical exploitation mirroring the contemporary exploitation of the local people.  Set in Feb 2000 when real-life protests against the privatisation of water rocked the nation; we see the personal belief systems of the film crew put to the test.

Dir: Iciar Bollain

Audience Score: 97.92%


  • Incredible film – very ‘realisic’ – harrowing – honest – should be shown nationwide
  • Incredibly powerful film. A very good choice – keep up the good work!
  • An ncredibly good film – questioning, incisive. Do we ever learn?
  • Harassing, but enjoyed – so to speak
  • More Spannish films please. Love them. Mas Peliculas espanos por favour. Gracias
  • Great film – more foreign films, Spannish, French, Italian etc..

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