The Descendents


Audience Score: 75.47%


  • Not at all what I expected. Left everything unresolved.
  • Not what I was expecting. Can’t understand why it was expected to get awards.
  • A well balanced film comedy countered the sadness well. I did not think it warranted an Oscar nomination. I enjoyed it.
  • Too much swearing for me.
  • Not what I imagined the story to be. He lost a wife and regained his daughters.
  • Not a big fan of Clooney but thought this film was the best I’ve seen him in. Good story, believable. Enjoyable throughout.
  • George Clooney is a Hunk!!
  • Enjoyable – thanks. Don’t want to go to Hawaii though!
  • Enjoyed.
  • Very good. Want to go to Hawaii.
  • Beautiful, amazing, perfect.
  • Nice to have such a well-balanced mix – funny and sad with a feel-good ending.
  • Very much enjoyed it, serious subject, handled with lots of humour and very well acted.
  • Clooney can act. More drama than comedy but good!

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