The Well Digger’s Daughter


Audience Score: 80.55%


  • A classic love story. Enjoyable to watch – specially the father’s character. Rather funny in parts. A film full portraying honour, betrayal and heartache. A love story at its best. Classic
  • I loved the way it looked, the acting, the characters (to some extent). But I felt that the script was not good enough. I never felt safe with the story. Too many creaky bits and characterisations which were too pat. Wonderful atmosphere though.
  • I couldn’t stop smiling
  • Feel good film – really enjoyed it
  • A delightful film – beautifully filmed – very reminiscent of Jean de Florrette/Manon de Source. Lovely!
  • Really enjoyable film. Very touching and funny at the same time
  • Bit soppy but – lovely. Happy ending – makes a nice change
  • Good for the heart – superb acting – could have been sentimental but not quite
  • Superb!
  • Delightful comedic treatment of really important subject. Reminded me of just how much attitudes hve changed. Also beautifully shot. Belle Franca
  • Typical French quirky film. Very enjoyable and great to look at
  • I love happy endings. Thank you for choosing a film with one!
  • Absolutely fabulous.
  • A really good film – but what was the make of the motorcycle?
  • Tres, Tres Bon! Merci beaucoup!

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