We Need To Talk About Kevin


Audience Score: 78.5%


  • Excellent:
    • Outstanding in every department. Can’t think why on earth I sat through it….
    • So true to the book
    • I’ve never seen such a cheerful film. I’ll sleep well tonight now. Sleep like a baby, like a log
    • Where did she get that idea from? Did not touch any ‘realism’ button. Fantastic cinema & symbolism
    • Another excellent film from Tilda
  • Very Good:
    • Interesting, well acted but even so failed to enjoy it
    • Left me with something for discussion
    • Gripping movie. Tense dark film. The direction of the film was confusing at the beginning until the pieces where it started to fit together. The trouble with Kevin is that the parents never did talk about him. Mum wanted to, but dad, his son could do no wrong
    • Quite harrowing and hard to watch through. Tilda Swinton as excellent as ever.
    • An impossible question. No answer. Not sure whether film did (?) justice. Perhaps it did
  • Good:
    • Very sad – but film was too disjointed
    • Narrative of film not always easy to follow and actors’ speech not always easy to pick up.
    • I found some of the filming techniques difficult – particularly in the beginning with lots of flashes, camera panning, etc… but it settled into an interesting presentation of such a difficult theme. Excellent actors
  • Average:
    • Too disconnected, didn‘t like the continuous changing of times and places.

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