A taut political and psychological drama, set in 1980s East Germany .  A doctor who want to emigrate to the west is exiled from Berlin to a provincial hospital where she befriends a pregnant teenager and a sympathetic fellow doctor, but is harassed by the Stasi and doesn’t know whom she can trust.

Audience Score: 63.01%


  • Bleak – but some beautiful filming. A bit slow in some scenes
  • Lots to talk about. A good picture of the former DDR, But lots of puzzles – to think / discuss – with friends
  • Very enigmatic, tense film – kept me on the edge of my seat
  • Creates an atmosphere of a surveillance state and poverty. Subtle & surprising
  • I liked it – the boundary between black and white was far from clear. The stasi agent, and the doctor who was also an informant were shown as making the best of life in the system – not just evil people.
    A bit slow? Yes, but so is life sometimes. It’s the waiting and the passing of time that builds the drama here.

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