Beyond the Hills


An intensely affecting  love story about two young women who grew up together in the same orphanage: one has found refuge at a convent in Romania and refuses to leave with her friend who now lives in Germany.

Audience Score: 40.27%


  • Very gripping. Couldn’t see where the story would go. A moving story (Excellent)
  • Very long – but very powerful. Interesting ending! (Very Good)
  • Enjoyed it (Very Good)
  • Just the kind of film we wouldn’t get to see without the film club (Very Good)
  • Interesting. Too long, like most modern films – but with many scenes that will stay in the mind (Good)
  • Hard going (Average)
  • Dull (Average)
  • Did not keep my attention – long slow (Poor)

Reviews: Rotten Tomatoes | IMDB

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