Untouchable (Intouchables)


This comedy-drama broke all box office records in France.  It’s a hugely entertaining real life story about friendship, trust and human possibility.   The basic plot is that Phillippe (François Cluzet), a rich quadriplegic perversely chooses black, ex-con Driss (Omar Sy) as his carer and learns to enjoy life again thanks to Driss’s fresh, unpitying approach to his troubles.

Audience Score: 96.78%


  • The film was heartfelt, warm, poignant, comical, and also very dramatic at times. It also wasn’t your common Hollywood action violent movie and it was French. I liked it
  • Heartwarming. Very funny too
  • Brilliant, Something wrong with the sound – couldn’t understand a word! Subtitles saved the day. Phew!
  • Too many stereotypes to be really interesting and the ‘humour’ was laid on a bit too heavily

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