A Feast of Indian Film


A sumptuous feast of film followed by a spread of delicious Indian themed delicacies from the Tamarind, Pontardawe.
Film Club Members £12, Non-members £15 (including catering.) Please book by 11th Nov.

1pm “Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India”, 2001 India 224 mins (PG)
Dir: Ashutosh Gowariker
Oscar nominated film set in the Victorian period of India’s Colonial British Raj. The story revolved around a small oppressed village. The inhabitants are challenges by an arrogant officer to a game of cricket to avoid paying their taxes.

5pm “Amal”, 2007 Canada 101mins
Dir Richei Mehta
An aging billionaire bequeaths his estate to a autorickshaw driver. A modern day fable which questions the meaninag of wealth and ultimately reveals that sometimes the pooreset of men can be the richest.

Audience Score: 89.34%

Comments :

  • Amal: Good drama – interesting twist at the end.
  • Lagaan: Really enjoyed – didn’t think a three hour film about cricket would be that good.
  • Well worth the numb-bum!!
  • Enjoyed both films – great contrast!
  • Lagaan: Uplifting and the best cricket match I have ever watched. No comment re Amal as I only saw ¾ hour.
  • Lagaan: A feel good film – very uplifting at the end of a rollercoaster of emotions.
  • Lagaan: Very good tale. Inspiration over logic. A spiffing yarn!
  • Amal: Money is not everything!
  • Both films were very excellent!!! Thank you.
  • Lagaan: Very entertaining and a real mixture.
  • Amal: Restores your faith in human nature.
  • Two good films, some dubious decisions in the cricket match.
  • A brilliant second film (I only saw the last hour of the first film and wished I had seen the rest of the film!)
  • Lagaan is the best film ever made. It has everything a film could possibly want – except aliens!
  • Amal: Gentle morality tale. A bit slow.
  • Both fairy tales – but the second was much more memorable. The first was rather like cricket itself: too long winded (and full of English b*stards)
  • First film interesting insight into the Raj in India. The second film – delightful.
  • First film was really good even though I know very little about cricket. The second film was very well acted but I struggled to understand the dialogue when there was no subtitles.
  • Highlighted injustices in both British rule and caste system. Only cricket match I’ve ever enjoyed. Bit too long though.

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