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Gruff Rhys (Super Furry Animal front man) and now documentary maker, offers an engrossing idiosyncratic road movie about a long lost relative that is unlike anything you will have seen before. Blending low key concert, felt puppets and Powerpoint presentations with a potted history of early America and its various tribes, this offbeat odyssey follows Rhys as he traces the story of his ancestor, John Evans, who left Wales in 1792 to search for a mythical Welsh tribe in the American heartlands.

With thanks for financial support from Film Hub Wales

Dir: Dyl Goch/Gruff Rhys

Audience Score: 97.5%

Comments :

  • Absolutely brilliant, loved the film, the journey, the music, the story. What made Don Juan think there was a Welsh speaking tribe though?
  • Wow! What a brilliant film! Hilarious and entertaining all the way through. Thank you Pontardawe Film Club
  • Unlike anything I have seen before. Terrific.
  • Ardderchog! Roedd Gruff yn wych.
  • Very different film! Looking for John Evans!
  • Highly original and amusing!
  • I’m a Gruff Rhys fan anyway but this film was a really great watch.
  • What a surprise – documentary with a difference. Great to hear director give details, answers. Funny but terribly sad really.
  • Very entertaining film. Thank you will come again.

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