After he is threatened during a confession a good natured priest (Brendan Gleeson) must battle the dark forces closing in around him. Idiosyncratic plot and bleak humour mark this script. Gleeson provides a wonderful performance, bemused and dignified as he confronts his mortality.

Dir: John Michael McDonagh

Audience Score: 86.88%

Comments :

  • Very powerful, excellent direction, thought-provoking + much needed film in today’s society.
  • Strong emotions, the acting is incredible – the human soul at its darkest hour.
  • Moving, thought provoking about anger that may be felt by survivors abuse by priests when children.
  • I was expecting a Western then read the title properly. An entertaining film beautifully made, rich and very moving.
  • There could not be a happy outcome.
  • Gleeson terrific. Scenery breathtaking. Dilemma thought provoking. v.v. good.
  • Very well shot, beautiful scenery.
  • Lovely Irish scenery But Weirdly bleak!
  • Hard to understand but well made.
  • A very deep and disturbing film.
  • Did anybody else suspect that the daughter was involved?

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