Following on from ‘Marius’, ‘Fanny’ is the second in trilogy of films adapted from Marcel Pagnol plays.  Fanny, now pregnant with Marius’ child, agrees to marry Panisse, a shopkeeper thirty years her senior.

Dir: Daniel Auteuil

Audience Score: 76.55%


  • Much better than the first film. That Marius, though he’s still a salaud who doesn’t deserve Fanny. I hope he does not come back for Part III
  • Very well acted
  • Great to see for once people doing the right thing. Loved film.
  • Looking forward to the next one!
  • Life in the Province! It reflects the views of the people at that period of time.
  • It would be better if you did not screen adverts.
  • A tragedy for the star-crossed lovers – quite moving!
  • Bit too melodramatic
  • Lovely movie, better than Marius, When’s the son’s story?
  • a ‘good’ film, but not an excellent film, merely ‘good’
  • Very good! Looking forward to part 3

Reviews: IMDb | Rotten Tomatoes

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