Inside Llewyn Davis


Set in 1961, in Greenwich Village. Llewyn Davis is trying to make it as a folksinger in New York’s winter. He’s got no coat, he’s no money, he’s not getting paid by his manager. Shot with the Coen Brother’s usual black humour. The film follows a week in which Davis struggles to beat obstacles, many of his own making.

Dir: Joel Coen, Ethan Coen

Audience Score: 73.47%


  • Brilliant – but how many rainbows do we fail to see?
  • Oscar winning standard
  • Enjoyed it and wished Llewyn well – but I’m glad he’s not a friend of mine! Clever, felt the interest lift
  • Worth coming from Swansea for. A tough film another great from the Coen Bros
  • Enjoyable film, liked the music
  • A poor lost soul!
  • Good music – but a bit disjointed!
  • Pleasant music
  • Good music, just a shame he couldn’t get anywhere
  • Not quite what I expected – a bit dark – Don’t recall so much swearing in the early 60’s – Depressing! But quite liked some of the music
  • Left me a bit fidgety. No plot. Good music

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