Le Roi et l’oisseau (The King and the Mocking Bird)


A tyrannical king is in love with the beautiful shepherdess in an artwork on his wall but she loves the chimney-sweep in another of the king’s paintings. At night the paintings come to life and together the characters attempt to flee. Widely considered one of the best animated features of all time.

Audience Score: 50%

Comments :

  • Brilliantly and extravagantly drawn.
  • Amusing but odd ending!
  • Very interesting use of architecture & clever satire on dictatorship!
  • A forerunner of Ghibli films, I think – though Ghilbi took animation to a much greater level.
  • It isn’t often that we get to see an old classic such as this animation on a large screen, so thank you for showing.
  • It was dated, and French, but it had lots of undertones and twists and turns. I’m glad I was able to see it here.
  • Lots to like – especially the old school visuals, but not sure that it packs the desired punch!
  • Although I liked some of the images and symbolism. The film didn’t touch me. Sorry.
  • Disappointing and dated.
  • The greatest I don’t think so. Who picked this film??
  • No doubt some sort of profound metaphor, but I’m afraid didn’t do anything for me other than mildly annoy + wonder what else I could have been doing more interesting.

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