A completely immersive film. . emotionally gripping, anchored by a tremendously compelling performance by Tom Hardy, in this complex portrait of family life, ambition, morality and above all humanity.

Audience Score: 87.12%


  • Proves that ‘Less is More’! Spellbinding performances all round made this film an absolute winner! Can’t see why anybody wouldn’t love it!
  • Brilliant – loved it – completely captivating from start to finish.
  • Pure and simple cinema. Breathtaking.
  • A simple format but the film was all the better for that. Really interesting.
  • Terrific – the masculine engineer, a mid-life crisis + choices orchestrated by dDad. Great end of season.
  • Interesting concept. How to bugger up your life in 3 easy lessons.Locke the utilitarian.
  • A great little film. Thank you so much.
  • Enjoyed the film. Excellent!
  • Gripping! Even for concrete.
  • Moving but strange. Different.
  • Excellent performance by Tom Hardy – Wasn’t expecting to enjoy it, but it was gripping – Constant moving / flashing lights exhausted me!
  • Kept my full attention! Really enjoyed film.
  • The modern world – ‘life in a car!’
  • A controlled man in a dilemma!

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