Silent Film Night


We present a series of short silent films, with live musical accompaniment, from the dawn of the 20th Century. There will be a brand new music score, commissioned by the Abertoir Horror Festival, composed by Paul Shallcross.

La Légende du Fantome (Legend of a Ghost), France (1908) 13 mins

A journey into the underworld – human lizards, grim reapers, demons and ghosts and a narrative that would baffle Einstein.

Frankenstein, USA (1910) 16mins

A fascinating landmark in film history as it was the first example of Mary Shelley’s classic novel ever to be put on film and features a terrifying creation scene that still astounds today.

Le Spectre Rouge (The Red Spectre), France (1907) 9mins

A demonic magician performs a magic show in the depths of Hell itself, however his mistreatment of his female assistants incurs the wrath of a good spirit who starts to interfere. Some ground-breaking special effects are on display here, including miniature women in glass bottles and the prediction of the invention of the TV!

The Jest”, UK (1921) 15mins

After his wife leaves him, an old man suffers for 40 years longing for her to return, until one day his fellow lodgers decide to play a vicious prank…

Please note non-members will need to pay £8 while concessionary tickets are available for £5

Audience Score: 87.5%

Comments :

  • Superb. Thoroughly enjoyable, loved the history of the making of the films, how the colour was achieved right up to 1921 with new camera angles and actors’ expressions. MORE PLEASE. Pianist brilliant in playing and giving info of films.
  • Lovely evening a real treat
  • Very interesting. A really unusual event!
  • A rare opportunity and real treat
  • Very atmospheric – music completed would like to see some more rarely seen gems!
  • Great night! Will be looking at joining.
  • Paul’s playing was excellent and his introduction to the films was enlightening. A very interesting evening.
  • Nice to see something different. Some niche films would be great. Fantastic playing.
  • Excellent evening’s entertainment. Paul’s knowledge and enthusiasm added real value to the films.
  • Fabulous evening. Live music was magic. Very interesting – great to see Edison did more than light bulbs!
  • Great event. Would love to see a German expressionism event: Nosferatu etc Dr Caligari.
  • All excellent and enchanting. Appreciated insightful commentary and music amazing.
  • Look forward to hearing this again.
  • Informed, educated, and entertained. Da iawn!
  • Very interesting. Host was very engaging and knowledgeable.
  • I loved it. Very interesting. Informative. Will be back next year.
  • Simply brilliant. Diolch.
  • Something totally different! Loved hearing the live piano accompaniment.
  • Great Halloween event.
  • Could have done without the comments before the first film pointing out the stupid stuff. Apart from that, a privilege to see them.
  • Very good talk and really interesting to see the old rare films. Great fun.
  • Excellent music and interesting films.
  • Paul Shallcross was informative + I did not notice the music not coming from film. Huge progress in motion pictures.

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