The Patience Stone


Atiq Rahimi’s daptation of his best-selling novel in which a young woman is caring for her husband who has been incapacitated in a shooting and lies in a vegetative state whilst all around her war rages. She begins a heartfelt monologue in which she talks about her childhood, her aspirations and her sufferings as she has never been able to before. She finds in this confessional a way to open up to herself and begins to view him as her ‘patience stone’, an object from Persian mythology that shields a person from their sorrows.

 Audience Score: 84.72%


  • A mythbusting tale of beyond the veil voted “Excellent”)
  • Breathe deep. Words fail me. Profound does not do it justice voted “Excellent”)
  • Bautiful film – presented all the cultural / religious /social issues so well – wonderful acting (voted “Excellent”)
  • The insight into the life of a muslim woman (vvoted “Very good”)
  • Worthy – but not worth mking into a film (I slept through most of it but was still able to follow the story) (voted “Average”

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