Where Do We Go Now? (Et Maintenant On Va Ou?)


Set in a remote village where church and mosque stand side by side.  A group of Lebanese women try to ease religious tensions between Christians and Muslims men in their village to prevent a religious war.

Dir: Nadine Labaki

Audience Score: 69.17%


  • If only life were like this..
  • Excellent movie. Wonderful cast
  • Loved it – very clever, atmospheric + enthralling
  • A remarkable film
  • A lovely matriarchal film, could have been any village in West Wales…
  • A bit far fetched but well done.
  • Really enjoyed it – it dealt with a very difficult subject with such wonderful humour.
  • Enjoyed the film – comedy, drama, musical?! The folly of religion!
  • Pathos, humour, well-dash acted – a new model for the roadmap to peace?!
  • If only it could happen in real life.
  • Liked the hash song. Imagined it being sung to entertain the cabinet!
  • Make love – not war!
  • Couldn’t follow the plot – and ‘humour’ much to heavy handed

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