Mercher – Wednesday, 18 Chwefror – February, 2pm & 7.30pm


2014, USA, (15), 120 mins
Cyf – Dir: Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu


Comedi du dyfeisgar iawn sy’n adrodd stori am hen actor (Michael Keaton), fu’n enwog unwaith am bortreadu uwcharwr eiconeg, wrth iddo frwydro i lwyfannu drama Broadway. Mae damwain yn arwain at recriwtio munud olaf Mike (Edward Norton), actor method egotistaidd sy’n bygwth dirywio cynhyrchiad sigledig. Mae Birdman yn greadigol ac yn aml yn ddigrif ac yn wledd i’r llygad a’r meddwl.

Hugely inventive black comedy that tells the story of a washed up actor (Michael Keaton), famous for once portraying an iconic superhero, as he struggles to mount a Broadway play. An accident leads to a last minute recruitment of Mike (Edward Norton) an egotistical ‘method’ actor whose actions threaten to disrupt an already unstable production. Endlessly creative, often hilarious Birdman is a unique satire and a feast for both the eyes and the mind.



This film has been supported financially by Charlo’s Fish and Chips, Pontardawe. Thank you!



Comments as follows:
  • Thought provoking.
  • Fantastic camera work, very intriguing.
  • Good film. Rapid dialogue an example perhaps where subtitles might have been helpful.
  • Riveting film. Loved it.
  • Great pace, very funny. Lots of pathos – aging and decline. Great music too!
  • Well acted but not for me.
  • Quite funny in parts. Strange ending though.
  • Storyline keeps you on your toes and a wonderful up-in-the-air ending. Brilliant performances.
  • Salvador Dali comes to mind! It appears to be an hour too long.
  • Great music, lurched between sad realism and surrealism!
  • Clever but I really didn’t care about the characters. (Hated the drumming)
  • Some moments funny but overall not good.
  • Overweight, overacted, overlong + unfunny.
  • Walked out after 1/2hr. Couldn’t understand 1/2 the dialogue.
  • Couldn’t understand half what they said. Gave it 30 mins. That was enough.


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