Mawrth – Tuesday, 14 Ebrill – April, 2pm & 7:30pm


ETHIOPIA, 2014, (15 tbc), 99 mins, (isdeitlau – subtitles)
Cyf – Dir: Zeresenay Berhane Mehari

Yn rhan o – A part of:  ‘WOW’, Wales One World Film Festival

Difret Tizita Hagere

Mae Hirut 14 oed yn cael ei herwgipio a’i threisio’n fwystfilaidd gan gang o ddynion sy’n ceisio’i gorfodi i briodi eu harweinydd. Wrth geisio ffoi, mae Hirtu yn cipio reiffl ac yn yr ymdrech yn lladd ei hymosodwr.
Dyma bortread o bwer chwaroliaeth ac actifiaeth llawr gwlad Difret (sy’n golygu ‘dewder’) ac yn paentio portread cymhleth o ymgyrch gwlad tuag at hawliau cyfartal tra’n ceisio cadw ei diwylliant cyfoethog.

14 year old Hirut is kidnapped an brutally raped by a gang of men who try to force her into marrying their leader. In a desperate attempt to escape, Hirut grabs a rifle and in the struggle kills her assailant.
At heart a delicate portrait of the power of sisterhood and grassroots activism Difret (which means ‘courage’) paints a complex portrait of a country’s struggle toward equal rights whilst also attempting to maintain its rich culture.

“A delicate yet impassioned story that offers empowerment and hope to countless women all over the world”, London Film Festival



Audience score – 87.5%

Several members of the audience asked what did ‘Difret’ mean? The film’s website (www.difret.com) explains the film’s title: In the Amharic language, the word ‘difret’ has a double meaning. In its widest use it means courage and the closest English translation means ‘to dare.’ But in Amharic, it also has a double-entendre that means ‘the act of being raped.’


  • We thought it was an excellent film… dreadful scenario, but beautifully filmed. Loved the ‘understated’ quality of the narrative and acting and  so pleased with the ending.  An important film which more people should see.
  • Minde bloowing (sic)
  • Very optimistic movie 🙂
  • This film was so sad but triumphant.
  • Inspiring!
  • A very powerful film. Justice was seen to be done!
  • An important story that needed to be told – moving and powerful.
  • Heart-breaking.
  • A powerful and moving account of how it is possible to change customs, traditions and attitudes.
  • Powerful story especially as true. As film there were incomplete ends – how was Hirut found in city? Who was love interest of lawyer.
  • A powerful film showing well the life of villages in Ethiopia and the constant struggle of women.
  • Very moving and eye opening.
  • Interesting, great photography.

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