In Order Of Disappearance (Kraftidioten)

Mercher – Wednesday, 21 Ionawr – January, 2pm & 7.30pm


Norwy/Sweden/Denmarc – Norway/Sweden/Denmark
2014, (15), 116 mins, (isdeitlau – subtitles)
Cyf – Dir: Hans Petter Moland

In order of disappearance (Photo by Philip Ogaard)

Drama gomedi am drosedd. Cafodd Nils sy’n gyrru aradr eira ei wobrwyo’n Ddinesydd y Flwyddyn. Pan lofruddiwyd ei fab mae Nils eisiau dial. A chyfiawnder. Mae ei weithrediadau’n cychwyn rhyfel rhwng y gangster fegan y Cownt a Papa bós mafia Serbia.

Comedy crime drama. Nils who drives a snow ploughs has recently been awarded Citizen of the Year. When his son is murdered Nils wants revenge. And justice. His actions ignite a war between the vegan gangster the Count and the Serbian mafia boss Papa.



This film has been supported financially by Wynford Thomas and Son – Funeral Directors and Monumental Masons, Pontardawe. Thank you!


AUDIENCE RESPONSE – In Order of Disappearance  87%

  • Good fun, well made.
  • Brilliant. Good fun, chicken wire, Aberdulais Falls, I can think of someone.
  • Not usually my cup of tea. However – great! The Count (a new Dracula) was wonderfully mad + evil. Dad’s Rule [sic]
  • Best Psychopath I’ve seen!
  • I was gripped throughout and loved the characterisation of the different protagonists.
  • Sooooo funny!
  • Brilliant to see Nordic film.
  • It took a while to realise that this was a COMEDY film – but once that became clear it was very enjoyable. Some fine dry humour in the performances. If this is typical, we should have more from Norway.
  • Fantastic scenery great humour in dialogue but overall not quite funny enough.

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