Llun – Monday, 2 Mawrth – March, 2pm & 7.30pm


RUSSIA, 2014, (15), 149 mins, (isdeitlau – subtitles)
Dir: Andrey Zvyagintsev


Mewn tre glan môr Rwsieg gorfodir Dimitri i ymladd y maer llwgr pan dywedir wrtho bod ei dŷ’n mynd i gael ei chwalu. Ennillydd sgript ffilm gorau Gŵyl Cannes.

In a Russian coastal town Dmitri is forced to fight the corrupt mayor when he is told his house will be demolished. Winner best screenplay Cannes Festival.



The audience gave Leviathan a score of 75.83%

Here are the comments:

  • Might we see a Hollywood remake? The little guy wins in the end, the weather is fine throughout and the alcohol produced benefits from some serious product placement.
  • The first 2 or 3 minutes set the tne for the whole film: moving from outside to an interior, we see a bedroom; specifically 2 bedside lamps. They are versions of Brancusi’s ‘Endless Column’, itself a wonderful metaphor for home, connecting the earth (us) with heaven (God). However they are only visible in the dark, only exist when the electricity is switched on. And the power supply is controlled by the state apparatus in which includes the church.
  • Brilliant film. Shame first half had drums playing in background. No more films on Monday.
  • Magnificent. What film making is all about.
  • First Russian film I have seen plot of corruption. We need a people’s revolution. Russia brought up on vodka it seems. Enjoyable film.
  • Bleak. The landscape was as desolate as the story.
  • Brilliant acting. Great to see a film from a different culture, not steeped in modern Western values.
  • Disappointing. Was Dimitri corrupted too? Must have been. Wonderful scenery.
  • Well acted and interesting story, but a bit too heavy going to be enjoyable.


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