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2013, Lloegr/Yr Eidal – England/Italy, 107min, (12A)
Cyf/Awdur Dir/Writer: Uberto Pasolini

Still Life

Ceir perfformiad cymedrol gwych gan Eddie Marsan yn y ffilm ingol a chrefftus hardd hon. Bydd John yn cael ei ddi-swyddo o’r Cyngor ar ôl 22 mlynedd – ei waith, lleoli teulu agosaf rhai sydd wedi marw’n unig. Gyda llawer o hiwmor a phathos mae Still Life yn astudiaeth craff o unigrwydd, colled, gwerthoedd cymunedol a pherthynas dynol.

Eddie Marsan gives a wonderfully restrained performance in this poignant and beautifully crafted film.  John is going to be made redundant from the Council after 22 years – his job, to locate the next of kin of those that have passed away along.  Laced with humour and pathos Still Life is a subtle examination of loneliness, loss, community values and the human connection.


Wynford Thomas and Son – Funeral directors and monumental masons, Pontardawe. (website)



Rotten Tomatoes – Still Life
IMDb – Still Life
Official Website – Tribeca Film


Audience Score – 89.47%

Here are the comments:

  • Excellent! The antidote to action movies… (and I’m not being sarcastic)
  • Loved this film, amazing detail, beautifully filmed and a wonderful story.
  • Unbelievably poignant. Extremely well acted + directed. Quite beautiful.
  • Waw!
  • Awesome film – very thought provoking.
  • Slow but very moving, The ending was a little contrived, but it was very affecting. It was a very powerful film.
  • Very moving poignant film – with wonderful humour – brilliantly acted and directed.
  • Fab film. Really drawn in to the story. Emotional. I did not expect the ending, but very poignant. Will watch again.
  • Artistically + cinematographically very ‘French’ so good to see UK can make sophisticated genre as well.
  • Never thought that such a job existed. It is touching that he cared, but what a lonely life.
  • Very touching beautifully crafted film.
  • Very poignant.
  • Quirky, moving, tragi-comedy with a European feel to the structure of the film….
  • A sad-sweet tale of a lonely man.

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