Testament of Youth

Mercher – Wednesday, 1 Ebrill – April, 2pm & 7:30pm


UK, 2015, (PG), 130 mins
Cyf – Dir: James Kent

Testament of Youth

Mae cofiant clasurol Vera Brittain – y cyntaf o dri – yn lyfr pwysig iawn, am ei bortread byw o genhedlaeth gollwyd i ryfel ac fel adroddiad merch o’i bywyd mewn amser o newid aruthrol. Yn fam i’r gwleidydd Shirley Williams, mae hunangofiant Brittain yn ysgrif semenol yn darlunio bywyd newidiwyd gan hanes a hefyd portread byw o ddatblygiad awdur greddfol a nodedig, merch yn darganfod ei llais ei hunan a’r argyhoeddiad i lefaru.

Vera Brittain’s classic memoir – the first part of a trilogy – is such an important book, both for its vivid portrayal of a generation lost to war and as a woman’s account of her life in a time of tumultuous change. Eventually mother to politician Shirley Williams, Brittain’s autobiography is a seminal text depicting a life altered by history and also a vivid portrayal of the development of an instinctive and distinctive writer, a woman finding her own voice and the conviction to speak.




The comments were as follows:

Very moving film.
A very powerful film. Enjoyed.
Brilliant film. Shame lazy people left their rubbish on the floor. Hope they don’t belong to your club.
Very moving.
The slow pace of the film makes it even more powerful. Varying the strong emotions and feelings.
Cinematography is beautiful. Bit schmaltzy but moving. She’s ???????
Very slow but beautiful. Poignant. Thought there would be more of her life and all that she achieved.
Very atmospheric of a bygone age. Memories live on. The futility of war.
Good content but a bit long.
Disappointed with some of the imagery – a bit clichéd – and too slow – preferred the book!
From the time Vera’s fiancée went to war it was moving and gripping. The pre-war scenes were a little too slow and could have been shorter.


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