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2014, DU – UK, 135min, (12A)
Cyf Dir: Amir Amirani


Ar 15 Chwefror 2003, gorymdeithiodd dros 30 miliwn o bobl mewn dros 800 o ddinasoedd dros y byd mewn protest yn erbyn Rhyfel Irac. Sut ddigwyddodd hyn? Pwy drefnodd y peth; ac oedd e’ yn ôl nifer o bobl, yn fethiant llwyr?

Stori ysbrydol am bŵer cyfathrebu modern i ddod â niferoedd mawr o bobl i gydweithio dros achos cyffredin hen ffashiwn.

On 15 February 2003, over 30 million people in over 800 cities across the world marched in demonstration against the Iraq War. How did this day come about? Who organised it: and was it, as many people claimed, a total failure?

An inspiring story about the power of modern communications to rally huge numbers of people around an old fashioned common cause.



Rotten Tomatoes – We Are Many
IMDb – We Are Many

Audience Score: 91.43%

The comments were as follows:

  • Inspired but worried for the future.
  • The futility of war is amply shown. Two weak leaders Bush and Blair is truly shown.
  • Such a vital time to watch this film.. powerful, informative and heartbreaking. This was a really good documentary. Thank you.
  • Brilliant thought provoking and extremely relevant at the moment.
  • Fantastic well done for showing it.
  • I’m very proud to have marched in 2003 – seems like it did do some good!
  • Very emotive and informative. Sadly poignantly times – however isn’t it always… hoping for a better future. Thanks film club.
  • Extremely persuasive and very powerful, thought provoking film.
  • No matter who you vote for the government always wins.
  • Very timely given current circumstances and a good reminder of what people power can achieve.
  • Challenges what we should have done as well as go on the demo.
  • It made me so mad! Is that good or bad. It should be compulsory viewing on TV.
  • Profound connection! Mass / global protest and political change. An enjoyable watch – bar the scenes of carnage – as well as important idea.

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