Llun – Monday, 16 Mawrth – March, 2pm & 7:30pm


USA, 2014, 107 mins
Cyf – Dir: Damien Chazelle


Drama gymeriad eithafol, mae’r actor ifanc Miles Teller yn serenu yn Whiplach fel drymiwr addawol. Yn astudio yn y Schaffer Conservatory mawreddog yn Efrog Newydd fe’i dysgir gan Fletcher sy’n gyrru ei fyfyriwr tuag at lwyddiant uchel mewn modd anuniongred ac anfaddeuol.

A superlative character drama, Whiplash stars rising actor Miles Teller as a promising drummer. Studying at the prestigious Schaffer Conservatory in New York he is taught by Fletcher who drives his student towards high achievement through unorthodox and unforgiving methods.



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Audience Response

The audience gave this film a score of 89.06%

Here are the comments by the audience:

  • Drumming is not that interesting but I was transfixed. I loved it.
  • An extraordinary film that realistically depicts the relationship between the talented but cruel tutor and his student.
  • Fascinating. Loved the music. Interesting where boundry lies between pushing to achieve and being a bully.
  • Riveting from start to finish. Superb!
  • Very enjoyable
  • I wasn’t expecting much more than drumming, but the back story caught me up.
  • Another brilliant film. Questions raised, remained unanswered. Music sublime.
  • Better than I had expected.
  • Dangerous obsession – loved the jazz.
  • There was I thinking music was to be enjoyed, to be fun. I didn’t realise it had to be beaten into you by a maniac with a proverbial big stick.

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