A Second Chance (En chance til)

Tuesday, 5 April 2016, 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm

2015, Denmark | Sweden, 102 minutes, (15)
Director – Susanne Bier

Finding a neglected baby after a raid on a junkie’s flat has deep personal resonance for Andreas as he has just become a new father himself, and is struggling with sleep deprivation and the responsibility of a new life. His own domestic circumstances become increasingly entangled with the targets of the raid after a cataclysmic event, and his life begins to fall apart.


IMDb – A Second Chance (En chance til)
Rotten Tomatoes – A Second Chance (En chance til)



  • Difficult to watch at times but a rewarding watch – good acting. Brave story line
  • Excellent story
  • Was it a psychological exploration of grief or a thriller? Good either way. a little too much use of beautiful yet stark Scandi landscapes
  • Very dramatic – excellent acting – would have made a good TV series
  • Interesting film – what a twist
  • For the first half hour I thought I was going to hat eit … vbut then so many surprises in store. Trouble is, I can never talk about the plot to anyone who hasn’t yet seen it!
  • Very interesting story, well told – twist at the end was very clever
  • Brilliant – so many twists and turns – beautiful photography, excellent acting – what he did was wrong but understandable – Happy ending
  • Very believable acting, beautifully shot, emotionally gripping tale
  • Emotional film. A bit far fetched in what a senior Police Officer did but guess we all act differently in stressful situations. A twist in the story, didn’t expect that, but all turned out good in the end. Guess his actions saved the baby and mother’s life. Recommended
  • Very moving
  • A good cast was wasted in a hopelessly unbelievable plot. Totally implausible from start to finish, and a major disappointment.
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