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2015, USA, 79 minutes, (15)
Director – Paul Weitz


Comedy drama about a teenager facing an unplanned pregnancy who seeks help from her Grandmother (Lily Tomlin), an acerbic, profane poet in her 70s. Staunchly defending her Granddaughter’s rights with curt and dry wit, she must confront her own demons. A poignant family drama which is also great fun.


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Rotten Tomatoes – Grandma



  • Great portrayal of relationships and how it dealt with abortion.
  • Humour and kept my attention.
  • Very thought provoking. Excellent again.
  • V. brave choice of film.
  • Great film. Well acted. It was good. Enjoying. Well made. Simple.
  • Fantastic film. Loved it! Simple plot-lines a story about the characters + how they interact with each other!
  • Loved characters & real life.
  • Ab.fab – entertaining – funny – poignant. Great film!
  • Beautifully acted. Very funny and poignant. Great selection. Thank you.
  • Enjoyed Lily Tomlin’s performance – Would not have been the film it was without her. Dealt with issues in interesting way – from 3 way perspective.
  • A really powerful film, ‘Grandma’ reminded me of my own Grandma on so many levels, mine wasn’t a lesbian, but she rocked, she kicked a$$ and didn’t give a hoot what people thought. A coming-of-age film I guess. I was in floods of tears before the end. Brilliant choice. Perfect film club film.
  • Different – language?
  • Good to see Lily Tomlin again.
  • Heart-warming+ Woman’s film maybe?
  • Funny & heart warming.
  • Excellent characterisation of the 3 women – ‘Grandma’ was complex, creative and caring.
  • Tomlin excellent. Story simple + profound. Contrast of Grandma & Sage (in every way) terrific, pale/dark; abstract/concrete etc. Real women’s life.
  • Light hearted, good acting, liked her. Love Lily anyway, liked her character, but I thought a bit OTT when she tipped the coffee in the shop. Not interesting enough for me, but enjoyable to watch.
  • Good photography, enjoyed the music, good acting – liked the characters – but ‘Grandma’ did get on my nerves on occasion.
  • Thought provoking.
  • Some good laughs and a few touching moments, but quite slow. It felt longer than its running time. Worth a look though.
  • What a grand-mother – different to mine! Interesting story.
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