Saturday, 19 November 2016, 6:00 pm

£8 members £12 non members – including food and music

Director – Tom Woodrow

k2d-logoK2D, a family motorcycle adventure with a purpose . Two couples went from Katmandu (Nepal) to Dhaka (Bangladesh) with their children on Royal Enfield motorbikes.

Highly involved with the organisation called Interburns in training medical staff to look after burned patients , they use this amazing trip to raise the awareness about their work and also to raise funds .

Travelling on Royal Enfield Motorcycles was a challenge but also a way to experience those countries and get to know another way than the pure medical work . It was also about doing something unforgettable with their children whom were old enough to remember it all their lives.

The film was shot by Tom Woodrow (an experienced adventure motorcycle adventure film maker).  Find out more at http://www.interburnsk2d.org and http://interburns.org


Interburns is a charity committed to transforming global burn care and prevention through education, training, research and capacity-building
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