La La Land

Wednesday, 22 February 2017, 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm

2016, USA | Hong Kong, 128 minutes, (12A)
Director – Damien Chazelle

A beguiling musical romance radiating charm. Set in contemporary Hollywood Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, two people thwarted in their ambition, fall in love. Success when it finally arrives comes at a personal cost.


IMDb – La La Land
Rotten Tomatoes – La La Land
Official Website – La La Land



  • Vastly overrated. La La Land -14 Oscar nominations – I Daniel Blake 0 nominations – makes no sense
  • Too hyped for an average film. Good to be able to come to Pontardawe to see it though
  • Great start, great finish, not so sure about the middle and more worthy Oscar winners
  • Absolutely beautiful ….really loved it
  • Quite extraordinary colours – wonderful homing in to the solitary figure -very moving. Needs thinking about at home
  • Hopeful
  • Great for most of the film, until the tone shifted during ‘fall’ great finish – picked it up
  • Really enjoyed. If you like romance, music and dance one to watch
  • Loved it – thank you for a beautiful film
  • Utterly charming
  • Absolutely amazing. Such a wonderful story told in such a stunning way. captivating and emotional
  • Kept my attention – very interesting
  • I have no idea what that was about. Too loud but I couldn’t hear anything. La La
  • A new experience. Glad to have seen it. will think about it.
  • Better than I expected (wasn’t my choice) but sometimes the lyrics weren’t clear enough to understand
  • Mixed feelings – enjoyed parts of it but not as good as I’d anticipated from the hype
  • Some bits very good. Others lacking. Musicals aren’t my cup of tea – this had something
  • Good balance of song and dance and very feel good
  • 14 oscar nominations/ 5 baftas – why? If this film was produced in the heyday of musicals it wouldn’t have been given airtime!
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