Under the Shadow

Tuesday, 25 April 2017, 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm

2016, UK | Jordan | Qatar | Iran, 84 minutes, (15)
Director – Babak Anvari

Amid the chaos of the Iran/Iraq war Shideh is left alone in Tehran to protect her young daughter. When a missile hits their apartment it fails to detonate – yet people begin to die in mysterious circumstance as a strange evil begins to haunt their home. An eerie, chilling Iranian horror film.


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  • A slow start – but then gets very, very scary. Especially when you’re watching it in a big old dark cinema all on your own…. ( I was at the matinee!)
  • Best horror I’ve seen in a while
  • I don’t like the genre. Meaningless rubbish. A disappointment
  • Well directed, had you on the edge of your seat. Must be a sequel as her favourite book as well as the head of the doll was left behind. Loved it when in the beginning of the film she didnt believe her daughter but was told it is written in the quran so it must be true. Enjoyed it. thriller not a horror
  • Very scary – if you believe in Djinn! Great acting , especially the child. Good female cast
  • Itt was very tense, as well as being an interesting depiction of non-western culture
  • Very well made. Good performnce. Plenty of scary moments
  • We have always said no horror as a club so why are we now allowing this genre?
  • Good acting. Quite jumpy in parts. Different kind of horror to what normally watch
  • The child acting was excellent
  • The Iranian Babadook. Very interesting political perspective but not scary enough for me
  • Tense and very jumpy. Enjoyed and nice to see a ‘horror’
  • It was the ‘djin’ what did it! good acting – atmospheric music. Poor ending
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