Audience Reaction: ‘Grandma’

The Pontardawe Film Club gave ‘Grandma‘ a score of 76.44%.
Here are their comments:
  • Great portrayal of relationships and how it dealt with abortion.
  • Humour and kept my attention.
  • Very thought provoking. Excellent again.
  • V. brave choice of film.
  • Great film. Well acted. It was good. Enjoying. Well made. Simple.
  • Fantastic film. Loved it! Simple plot-lines a story about the characters + how they interact with each other!
  • Loved characters & real life.
  • Ab.fab – entertaining – funny – poignant. Great film!
  • Beautifully acted. Very funny and poignant. Great selection. Thank you.
  • Enjoyed Lily Tomlin’s performance – Would not have been the film it was without her. Dealt with issues in interesting way – from 3 way perspective.
  • A really powerful film, ‘Grandma’ reminded me of my own Grandma on so many levels, mine wasn’t a lesbian, but she rocked, she kicked a$$ and didn’t give a hoot what people thought. A coming-of-age film I guess. I was in floods of tears before the end. Brilliant choice. Perfect film club film.
  • Different – language?
  • Good to see Lily Tomlin again.
  • Heart-warming+ Woman’s film maybe?
  • Funny & heart warming.
  • Excellent characterisation of the 3 women – ‘Grandma’ was complex, creative and caring.
  • Tomlin excellent. Story simple + profound. Contrast of Grandma & Sage (in every way) terrific, pale/dark; abstract/concrete etc. Real women’s life.
  • Light hearted, good acting, liked her. Love Lily anyway, liked her character, but I thought a bit OTT when she tipped the coffee in the shop. Not interesting enough for me, but enjoyable to watch.
  • Good photography, enjoyed the music, good acting – liked the characters – but ‘Grandma’ did get on my nerves on occasion.
  • Thought provoking.
  • Some good laughs and a few touching moments, but quite slow. It felt longer than its running time. Worth a look though.
  • What a grand-mother – different to mine! Interesting story.