Audience Reaction: ‘Sing Street’

The audience gave ‘Sing Street‘ a score of 90.12%

Here are their comments:

  • This is the film I always wanted to make
  • Made me smile lots
  • A musical of sorts. Very irish I loved it
  • Really enjoyed feel good film
  • A feel good film. Real life. Families, break ups. Bullies being useful. Music good too. Will recommend
  • A great feelgood movie, enjoyable on many levels. Great humour, music and relationships
  • Fabulous …. Such a ‘feel good’ factor – poignant observations on relationships
  • What a great film. Lifted my spirits significantly
  • Extremely talented young actors – upbeat, fun and good music
  • Lovely storyline all about people and life! Excellent.
  • Good start to new season! Felt surprisingly nostalgic
  • Ah yes, the power of the music and the band!! Brilliant costumes too and good acting
  • Highly recommended great music. Great music
  • Loved it
  • Hope over adversity a feel good film
  • Third time we have seen this film. Still makes us laugh and enjoy. May appear to be light but has depth
  • Reminded me how I felt at 15 years. Enjoyed