Audience Reaction: ‘Son of Saul’

The audience gave ‘Son of Saul‘ a score of 88.33%

Here are their comments:

  • Brilliantly filmed – unbelievably gruelling and hard to watch but im glad I did
  • Not easy to watch but a timely reminder of the dangers of extremism
  • A raw portrayal of multi-layered inhumanity – grisly and toxic Nazism
  • Leaves one stunned. Horror and madness – words are inadequate
  • Cinematography style made me quite dizzy but very good film
  • Bittersweet
  • A deeply disturbing film that can only leave a scar on your soul but at the same time has to be watched. Should be compulsory to watch
  • A very powerful film. Saul was like a man lost in someone else’s nightmare
  • Utterly superb
  • Unusual film well made shows the horrors of the holocaust
  • Relentless, harrowing but definitely worth watching
  • Phew! That was a crazy 24 hours!
  • Brilliantly directed. Many excellent scenes and relentlessly powerful. A tough watch but worth it.
  • I found the story line difficult to believe. Amazing photography
  • V well acted and excellent cinematography but i found it was let down by the storyline and the technique of the filming could have been put to better effect. Would of helped if first 10 minutes someone constantly crackering a crisp packet behind.