Audience reaction: The Lobster

Our audience gave the film The Lobster a score of 65.12%
Here are the comments
  • My type of quirky film. Well acted, unusual, dark + humour as well. Summed up in two words “Disturbingly interesting”.
  • Brilliantly made + performed. Very funny, absurd and troubling.
  • Wonderful, audacious film – great cast, great music (especially the Shostakovich), great concept. Like ‘Under the Skin’ it proves Sci-fi isn’t all about spaceships and robots.
  • Visually stunning, compelling storyline + great cast.
  • Excellent concept, well filmed and acted, good take on societies expectations on one another, offbeat.
  • The ultimate blind date in my opinion!
  • Challenging film to watch due to the bloody scenes. However the acting was wonderful and I empathised with the main character. I would recommend this film, but it is not for 15 year olds.
  • Bizarre and compelling. I’ll have to think about this before I can comment properly!
  • Excellent!
  • 120 minutes of oblivion. Enjoyed it. Thank you…
  • Totally not what I was expecting. Weird, sad, funny & scary.
  • Interesting idea, very funny, good cast, would recommend.
  • A dark comedy – disturbing yet riveting. One waits to see what will happen next!
  • Challenging but a great start to the new season.
  • I enjoyed the 1st half – funny and held my interest re the hotel. Once escaped however I got bored and failed to understand the point of the film. Not that films have to have a point.
  • We need a new category “Strange”
  • Utterly thought provoking!
  • Agggh
  • Not Farells best but certainly most unusual + quite funny in both ways.
  • Sad / Funny
  • Interesting film, however, I’m not a fan of Cliff-hangers – I’d rather a film have more of a definitive ending! Boring I know!
  • Maybe too weird.
  • Acting good. Funny. Entertaining. A little gory in places for my taste.
  • Weird, different for sure. Liked the incongruous animals in the wood, some scenery and the music, some funny scenes but overall not keen – a Marmite film.
  • Not really sure if I enjoyed this film or not?
  • I’ve given it average not that there was anything average about it. I’ve never seen a film like it before. So it was very original but I found it horrific.
  • Can’t take any more of it. Sorry
  • Pseudo intellectual pile of cack!
  • Hated it!
  • My main thought throughout this film was, “I hope it ends soon’.
  • Didn’t like it at all.

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