Rescheduled: ‘Mustang’, tonight….

We can’t show ‘Daughter’ as the distributor has sadly ceased trading. Instead we are showing ‘Mustang’.


Tuesday, 27 September 2016, 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm

2015, Turkey, 94 minutes, (15)
Director – Deniz Gamze Erguven

Set in Turkey a sensitive and powerful portrait of sisterhood and sexuality. Five sisters are spotted playing innocently with boys The supposed debauchery causes their uncle to escalate his plans to marry them off – classes in housework and cooking replace school. The sisters fight back against the limits imposed on them.


IMDb – Mustang
Rotten Tomatoes – Mustang



  • Beautifully filmed brilliantly acted very harrowing story – highlighting what’s happening to young girls in so many countries
  • Mixed feelings. Hard to watch at times
  • Excellent drama, beautifully told with some great scenes and an uplifting ending. Really enjoyed it.
  • Blimey!
  • Gripping – old values suffocating modern young Turkish women – a contempary theme not yet resolved
  • A well told tale of young girls growing up in a Muslim country!
  • Very watchable but sadly disturbing film. Plaudits for the editing.
  • Brilliant film but a sad indictment of the way women are treated in vast swathes of the world
  • Thought provoking. Tradition eh!
  • Pointless. Puerile. Bad direction
  • So very sad that women are treated like this
  • Sadly how many millions of girls does this apply to in the world…
  • Very powerful touching film. Really enjoyed but sad. Beautiful film
  • Very moving film. Beautifully filmed. Felt for each character
  • A very powerful and moving film!
  • Story excellently told, good cinematography. Believable portrayals throughout